Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha telling Suhasini that she doesn’t want to talk about LD. Suhasini asks about her decision. Radha goes. Sadhna asks her to have fruits. LD recalls Radha calling him selfish. Murli Dhar asks what happened. LD asks him to answer for his question. He asks what is love according to you? When did you come to know that you are in love? Murli Dhar recalls a girl confessing her love for him. He asks what are you asking me? LD says he thinks he is doing injustice to her. Murli Dhar asks what is the matter? LD says Radha thinks she is unfit in this family. I loves her very much and likes her every thing, her anger, her fight etc. I tried to make her realize my love. He says I know you have done arranged marriage and obviously fell in love after marriage. Murli

Dhar looks on, but love is love. I don’t know anyone to call my love as selfish. Murli Dhar suggests him not to fall in love as it would be only painful and nothing else. He asks her to get out from love. He says if there is no agreement for a relation then it looks like a burden. Don’t stop Radha, let her go. He says you have to leave your ego if you want to get your love. He thinks of Radha’s words.

Radha collides with Shyamali and says sorry. She says she wants to see Sir. Shyamali says ok. Sadhna accompanies them. Jayshree and Dadi Bua are sitting beside Dada ji’s bed. Sadhna comes with Radha and Shyamali. Dadi Bua asks her to stop there itself and asks her to go. Jayshree says can’t you listen. Sadhna asks are you upset with her until now. Dada ji got better because of her. Jayshree blames her for Dada ji’s health. Radha asks her to talk later as Dada ji will get disturbed. Shyamali says we shall let Radha stay here. She came to give reiki, a kriya to heal a patient. Dadi Bua scolds Shyamali for favoring Radha. Shyamali goes to her room. Jayshree tells Dadi Bua that she will stay with Dada ji and will check him.

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Radha prays to God and says she can’t leave this family until Dada ji gets well. She holds the lamp along with LD. LD calls her and says I need to tell you something. I don’t have anything to prove my love. I want to spend my rest of the life with you, but don’t want to bind you forcibly. I have decided not to stop you. You are free to go, with signatures on the divorce papers. You are totally free. Radha looks stunned. LD is teary eyed and says apologizes to her for troubling her. He says I really love you and I am not sorry for that. I am sure that one day you will realize that my love is true and that day you will return. I will wait for that day, until then good bye. It happens to be his imagination. Radha says she don’t have energy to argue with him. LD thinks how to tell her. Suhasini calls LD.

Shyamali cries in her room. Murli asks did anything happen? Shyamali says no. Murli says you seem to be tensed. He asks what is the matter? Shyamali wipes her tears and says she couldn’t win anyone’s heart and is lacking something. She says Dadi Bua scolded me infront of everyone. Murli says you are really a good bahu and everyone loves you a lot. Shyamali hugs him. Murli goes to see Dada ji.

Suhasini thanks LD for stopping Radha and says she have to go to Mumbai. LD asks are you hiding something. He asks her to share problem with him. Suhasini says I have full faith on you. She says Sudhakar is in some trouble. LD says then you have to go. He says you have to take Radha with you. Suhasini looks shocked. Radha thinks she will go after getting LD’s signatures. Suhasini says no, and asks LD not to tell anything to Radha. She hears her saying no. Suhasini gives Radha and Krishna idol to LD and says you are Radha’s Shaam. I accept that you will make her yours soon. She says you can give her life which she deserves. You understand her well more than me. Today she is unable to understand that you both are perfect for each other, but will understand one day. LD hugs Suhasini.

Radha sells the haveli and asks Dada ji to come with them. Dada ji cries and falls down. It might be his imagination.

Update Credit to: Amena

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