Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts in Mumbai. Suhasini comes to a Shivani’s house. She scolds her for getting late. Suhasini tells that she is ringing door bell since 5 mins and scolding me instead. Shivani says Kabir’s phone and picks it up. The servant gives water to Suhasini. She asks him about Radha. Suhasini and Shivani argue about Radha’s attire. Suhasini says Radha looks good in red. Shivani argues. Sudhakar comes and says Radha will decide what she will wear. He calls her superstar and says you have to look good. Even after 20 years, people’s heart beat should stop looking at her photo. Shivani says Kabir has decided the color of Radha’s dress. Sudhakar comes to the hall and tells Suhasini to wait as Radha is coming.

Radha comes dressed in a sky blue dress. Shivani says

Radha will go alone to balcony to give a public appearance. She asks him to say as she told. Suhasini tells Sudhakar that she is happy as his dream is fulfilled. Sudhakar says our dream have not been fulfilled yet. It is first step towards our dream. Suhasini says we came back to Mumbai and Radha got a film with Kabir. She became a big star. Radha comes to balcony and waves to her fans. A crowd is seen cheering for her and waiting to see her glimpse. A man(LD) is seen travelling in the car and stops at the signal. He takes magazine with Radha’s photo on the cover. He caresses the pic and then tears it. Mere Rang Me Music plays. Someone throws the stone on Radha.

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The security asks her to go inside. Suhasini tells that she will also come. Shivani thinks she will file a case against her, if she gets heart attack. She asks Suhasini to give interview. Radha comes inside and shows the letter which was thrown on her with a stone. Shivani gets tensed reading it. Radha asks her to calm down and reads someone’s black shadow is after her. Radha thinks what does it mean. Shivani calls someone and asks to increase the security and send Kabir’s bullet proof car. She asks Radha to come for the conference. Radha is seen travelling in the car. The Shivani gives her tip to handle the press. She asks her to be precise. Radha says she will not let down Kabir. Shivani asks her to keep smiling. The Shivani says you are very lucky. Radha thanks her. Shivani talks on phone and asks for double security. She gets a message from soneone. Radha reads it and is surprised. She thinks who has sent this message.

Shivani says we have to take the police station now. She calls Kabir. Radha thinks who can sent me this place, and that too from private number. Radha asks to stop the car and says she wants to go to the temple. Shivani calls Suhasini and informs her that Radha went to temple. Radha comes to the temple and recalls LD making her wear the ring. She touches the ring and says happy birthday LD. She says, I will be yours always and gives her best wishes. She kisses the ring and smiles. Suhasini gets worried for Radha and tells Sudhakar that Radha went to temple before the press conference. Sudhakar says what is wrong in it. Suhasini says she went there for LD. Don’t know when she will forget LD and come out of it. Sudhakar says we have to handle this divorce issue fast, but she is busy. Suhasini says she is making excuses not to sign on the papers. She says she can feel her pain. Sudhakar says our daughter is very strong. Radha tells the Pandit that today is her husband’s birthday and she wants to get Abhishek done. Panditji asks about his name. She says LD/leela dhar Chaturvedi.

Radha comes to the press conference and waves to the crowd. She sees a glimpse of LD. He is seen wearing suit and gets down the car. She goes inside the hall. The announcement is made in honor of her. Radha is being interviewed about her first movie. LD is denied entry because of lack of pass. He manages to get it somehow. Media asks about love story of the film and asks how can you portray pain. They ask do you experience love. Radha says I have experienced love and its pain. LD comes and asks why your love is not with you. He comes infront of her. Radha is surprised to see him.

Radha hugs him and cries. Media clicks the photos. LD doesn’t reciprocate the hug and stands uneffected.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. LD doesn’t look good now.. 🙁
    How can a clj dropout succeed to such an extent ij just a year??

  2. Awsom serial… just love both

  3. I think LD has known the Truth,that dadaji wanted to separate LD and radha..and he will scold her for lying.and maybe he will take her back but he won’t be able bcuz radha is a superstar

  4. nice epi…nw its gtn mr intrstng 🙂

  5. I love the new twist! I can’t wait to see what happens! So far the best show out there right now!

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