Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sadhna discussing with Radha about the forward thinking of Abhishek’s parents and says she liked their behavior. She says I like them. Radha says you are saying right. Sadhna makes her eat the achaar. Radha likes it. LD comes and asks Sadhna to fix his shirt button. Sadhna says she is busy. Radha says she is busy in eating achaar. Later Sadhna massages Radha’s head. LD looks at them. Sadhna says someone is jealous. Banwari comes to Sadhna and says he is thinking to accept Abhishek’s dad proposal. Sadhna says it is good. Jayshree says we will all go, without you we are all boat without a water. Sadhna says I understood. Govind comes. Sadhna tells him that they are accepting Abhishek’s parents invitation. Govind says we are not needed there. Sadhna says what

are you saying? Govind says they are intelligent enough.

Banwari asks Govind, why you are saying this. Govind reminds him that you broke up with us and also reminds of his duties. She says why I shall remember elder brother’s duties. Sadhna asks Govind to listen to her. Govind says I don’t want to listen. Banwari says whatever I did, you also forgiven me. He folds his hand and apologizes. Govind looks uneffected. LD asks him to forgive him. He asks him to punish him and makes him emotional by his emotional talks. Jayshree says Banwari is saying right. Jhnavi tries to convince him. Govind agrees. Everyone is happy. Govind asks Sadhna to pack their bags. Murli comes and says he won’t go. Sadhna says Munim ji will take care of the work. Murli refuses. Jayshree asks how can you say that? Murli says it won’t effect you. Sadhna asks Shyamali to pack Murli’s clothing.

Jhanvi talks to Abhishek. He asks her to wear red suit. Abhishek and his parents bring new sofa. His dad says they will like our setting. Radha and LD are packing their clothes. Radha asks him to wear happy colors. LD asks do you have any problem. LD teases Radha. Sadhna comes and sees their sweet argument. They drop the clothes which the other doesn’t like. LD tells Sadhna that he is ready. They argue. Sadhna asks him to shave his beard. LD refuses. Sadhna says you are looking like a devdas. LD says no one will look at me.

Radha says let it be, he shall look macho and rugged being my security incharge. He looks think and boyish in clean shaven look. LD says he will shave. Sadhna gets happy. She says I wants to requests you. She says I want you both to be together infront of Abhishek’s parents. Radha asks them to look as happy couple. LD refuses. Radha looks on. LD comes after shaving his beard. Radha compliments his look and couldn’t keep her eyes off him. She thinks of their moments. LD thinks I am dashing and asks her to stop staring him. Radha compliments his look and says you are looking like old LD. LD says he shaved for his mum.

All the family members are on the way to Abhishek’s home. Neha explains Abhishek’s fake parents about the dos’ and donts’.

Update Credit to: Amena

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