Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha giving injection to Dada ji and explains to them that she searched everything on net and the patient needs to given injection else condition may deteriorates. She asks them to trust her. Dadi Bua asks them to bring the doctor. She prays to God for Dada ji’s life. She asks Radha to stay away from her eye sight. Radha gets sad. Sadhna says, but….Radha stops her. Doctor comes and checks Dada ji. Sadhna shows the injection to Doctor and says it was given to Dada ji. Doctor asks who gave this injection. It is harmful to do self medication, but this time it was right. It was a good idea. This injection should be given in this condition. He praises them for giving the injection. Jayshree thinks this girl has won after losing. Doctor says this injection can

be given in this condition. He asks them not to worry and goes.

Shyamali tells Radha that she didn’t change the labels of the box. Radha says she is sure. She says she is doubtful on…..then asks her to take care of Dada ji. She cries thinking about Dada ji condition and Dadi Bua scolding her. She packs her bags. She thinks you know this well that this place is not for you. She asks her to stop crying. Suhasini asks what are you doing? Radha asks her to pack her bags as they are leaving. Suhasini asks her not to take it on her heart. Radha says she is unfit for the place and blames herself for Dada ji’s condition. Suhasini hugs her and says she is very proud of her. She says you are always the best. Radha hugs her and says we are leaving right now.

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Sadhna tells Dadi Bua that Radha didn’t do anything deliberately. She doubts on Jayshree. Radha says she didn’t want to hurt anyone. She is unfit here. Sadhna comes and says you are not only fit, and also need of this house. She says it will take time for everyone to see your qualities. Radha thanks Sadhna for supporting her in every situation. She refuses to stay anymore as she can’t put anyone’s life in danger. She says she came to test her destiny and she thinks she should leave. LD tells that he needs to talk to Radha. Suhasini and Sadhna go outside. Radha says she doesn’t want to talk. He takes her to the garden area. Radha says she will not change her decision. She doesn’t want to trouble anyone. LD says it is not easy to handle everything, but you said that you are more matured than me. He says we are with you. Radha says you both will try to make me succeed. When I was giving injection to Dada ji then you was shocked too. Until when will you fight with your family for me. She says truth is that we are not made for each other. It is better if we part our ways once and for all. LD says but….Radha says our marriage was a play. LD says I accept that it was a play, but it was played by destiny. Radha says we should end our relation. Radha tries to go. LD stops her.

Suhasini talks to Sudhakar and says Radha is fine. She says LD is really a nice boy. Sudhakar says it’s okay. Suhasini asks him to say why he is sad. Sudhakar says yes. Door bell rings. Sudhakar asks her to hold on and goes to open the door. Radha asks LD to leave her hand. LD says if I leave your hand now, then I couldn’t hold it again. He asks her to say that she is scared. Radha says she is going and it is final. LD says if you leave Mathura then I won’t sign on the divorce papers. Radha gets shocked. She says what did you think that I will get scared and stop. LD says yes. I will try as I really love you. Radha says this is the problem. She says I am not selfish, but you. LD says you didn’t leave a way out for me. Don’t know what to do. Some goons come to Sudhakar’s house. Sudhakar asks them to give him some time. Suhasini hears them. They say that they won’t spare him today. Rupa cries. The goon gives him 2 days time to pay him money. Suhasini gets tensed and cries. Sudhakar says I will inform the Police if you enters my house forcibly. They start breaking things and warn him. Sudhakar disconnects the call. Suhasini gets worried and cries.

Radha hears her and looks on. Suhasini thinks what I will say to her. Dada ji is still unconscious. Murli Dhar takes care of him and asks LD not to worry. LD nods. Murli Dhar asks why you are worried? LD says can I talk to you for sometime. Murli Dhar nods and says we will go to terrace. Radha asks Suhasini what happened. Suhasini says he is fine. She makes an excuse. Radha says I will call him. Suhasini says Sudhakar is busy so call him later. She asks what did LD say? Radha says she doesn’t want to talk about him. Suhasini asks about her decision. Radha recalls about their conversation.

LD tells Radha that one day you will realize my true love and then you will come back. I bet for that day and tells bye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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