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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with LD bashing up Abhishek for eloping with Jhanvi. Jhanvi tells LD that Abhishek came to drop her home and she eloped from house with her wish. LD is shocked and leaves Abhishek. Abhishek says I would have done the same thing if I was on your place. I was explaining Jhanvi that relations can’t be made like this. I can never harm Jhanvi and can’t do anything wrong. LD takes her home. Radha thanks Abhishek and leaves. Sadhna and other wait for Jhanvi to come. LD brings her. Jayshree scolds her. Sadhna asks her to listen to Jhanvi first. Sadhna comforts Jhanvi. Jayshree is angry. Banwari says she has returned home safely. Radha asks Jayshree to give her some time. Jhanvi tells Sadhna that she loves Abhishek. Abhishek calls someone and tells that Jhanvi came running

to him, but LD and Radha came and took her. He says Radha is clever, but we are very clever. He smirks.

Radha calls Shivani and tells that she couldn’t read the contract and signed on it. Shivani says you would have read it. Radha asks her to come back home and then they will discuss the contract with Kabir. LD comes and gives ointment to Radha. He thanks her. Radha says Jhanvi is family to me too. She is like my younger brother. LD says may be your guilt too. You would have told me about Abhishek. Radha says we were not talking then. LD says how childish and asks her to tell him if something important. Radha calls him khadoos. LD asks did you say anything. She goes to the bathroom and brings his underwear. She asks him to keep it aside. LD is surprised and spits water on her face. Radha asks what is this nonsense. They argue over hanging the underwear in the bathroom. LD says he will keep whereever he wants to. LD lie down on the bed. Radha sleeps. LD thinks what is the problem with superman underwears. He sleeps.

Banwari brings chocolate for Jhanvi. Jhanvi says she doesn’t need anything. Banwari tries to speak. Jhanvi tells you didn’t get time to spend with us. Banwari apologizes to her. She asks him to promise not to drink again. Banwari promises and asks her not to elope again. Jhanvi says sorry. He accepts that they couldn’t understand her and apologizes. Sadhna brings milk for Jhanvi and hears them. Jhanvi holds his hand and says I really love Abhishek. I wants to marry him. She asks him to convince Jayshree. Banwari agrees. Sadhna thanks the God.

In the morning Govind asks Sadhna about Jhanvi. Banwari says she is fine now and asks him to think about her alliance. Jayshree asks what? Banwari asks her to sit as he needs to talk to her. He tells Jhanvi loves that boy Abhishek. Jayshree says she will not let this happen. Radha calms down Jayshree. Banwari asks her to listen with calm mind. He says we have to think about her betterment. LD asks what do you want for Jhanvi. He says Jhanvi eloped from the house, and Abhishek explained her to return home. Just then Abhishek comes there with his parents. Abhishek’s dad says whatever happened yesterday shall not happen again. They say we shall know and take the proposal forward. Jayshree says I am not interested. Abhishek’s dad invites them to his house. Banwari agrees and thanks them. He says we have to discuss with our family. Jayshree says Babuji is ill. Abhishek’s dad asks them to call Dada ji. Sadhna tells Govind that they are nice people. They leave.

Sadhna tells Radha that they are good people. She says Jayshree’s heart may change once she goes to Abhishek’s house. Jayshree says she will consider to go there. Jayshree tells Banwari that whoever talks sweet is under her suspicion. Banwari says lets go. Jayshree says these people doesn’t know about Jayshree Chaturvedi. I will get their history, geography and everything.

Sadhna gives shaving machine to LD and he should clear devdas look. Radha says let it be, I don’t want him to shave. He should look Macho and rugged being her security incharge. She says he looks thin in clean shaven look. LD looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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