Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua telling Radha that she expected this cheap thing from her. She says if you cheat us and brought food from outside, then didn’t we know it. Radha asks who told you? Jayshree shows the food parcel covers. Radha recalls LD bringing the food parcel. She says this is not right. You can check the food. Suhasini tells Jayshree that Radha never lies. Dadi Bua asks from where this parcel came here. LD brings Sadhna from the station and tells them that he brought the food parcel. Everyone look stunned. Govind asks what? LD says I brought the food thinking Radha couldn’t make the food, but she refused for help as she doesn’t want to cheat or hurt anyone feelings especially Maa. She knew that the finger will be raised on maa. Sadhna tells Jayshree not to insult

Radha and Suhasini. Jayshree says she told whatever she saw with her own eyes. Dadi Bua says Jayshree is saying right, LD did a mistake. Sadhna says LD accepted his mistake and Radha didn’t support him in his mistake. Jayshree asks what is the guarantee that the food in the kitchen is not outside food? LD calls Shambu and says he distributed food to the poor.

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Shambu tells that LD asked him to distribute the food to the poor. Sadhna asks Radha to serve the food. Govind scolds LD for lying to them. LD says sorry. Govind says I am ashamed that you are trying to say in defence. Radha goes to the kitchen and is sad. Sadhna signs LD not to worry. Suhasini hugs Sadhna and says she is doubtful that everything will be fine. Jayshree thinks one more attack is remaining. Govind asks Sadhna about her brother. She says he is getting better. Dada ji comes and sits to have food with everyone. Dadi Bua asks her to serve food. Radha serves the food in a plate. LD praises Radha for her cooking. Suhasini too praises her. They start having the food. Banwari says dal is not properly made.

Murli asks Radha to make another roti for him as he didn’t eat thick roti. Radha goes to make another roti. Govind asks Sadhna to give him roti and achaar in another plate. Jayshree gets happy and thinks Radha will get zero marks. Suhasini says she will rectify the food. Govind says let it be. LD says Radha made your favorite food. Jayshree comes to kitchen. Suddenly Dada ji starts coughing. Dadi Bua asks Govind to give water and bring medicine for him. Banwari asks what happened to him? Dada ji’s health deteriorates. Dadi Bua asks did you add ground nut or its oil in food. Radha says I know about his allergy and didn’t use it. The men of the house take Dada ji to his room. Suhasini asks Radha not to worry. Jayshree thinks Dada ji will be alright in 2 mins, but Radha’s defeat is sure.

Dadi Bua prays for Dada ji. Jahnvi asks her not to worry. Jayshree tells Dadi Bua to inspect Dada ji’s plate. She checks the smell of the food and gets shocked. She asks to call Radha. Jayshree smirks. Radha comes there. Dadi Bua asks did you use ground nut oil in Dada ji’s food. Radha says no. Dadi Bua says you are lying and asks why ground nut smell is coming from the food. Sadhna gets worried. Dadi Bua says you are doing everything deliberately. Radha says she made the food in vegetable oil. She says every box is changed. I had a doubt that someone changed it. Jayshree says you might be doubting on Shyamali. Sadhna asks her to stop talking. She asks Shyamali to bring hot oil until Ved ji comes. Jayshree thinks she gave the keys to Shyamali at the right time. She recalls giving the keys to Shyamali.

Radha checks on the internet about the medicines and goes out hurriedly. Jayshree blames Radha. LD comes home and tells that Ved ji went somewhere else. Suhasini opens the windows. Radha brings medicines. Jayshree stops her. Radha says she didn’t have the time to explain. She says let me give injection. She says his health may deteriorates if I didn’t give this injection. Suhasini asks them not to worry as Radha knows to give injection. LD says chachi is right. Banwari goes to call the doctor. Dada ji coughs. Radha gives injection to Dada ji, although the family try to stop her. Everyone get tensed. Dada ji gets unconscious.

Radha keeps her clothes in the bag and says she is not fit for this place. She asks Suhasini to pack her bags as they are leaving.

Update Credit to: Amena

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