Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jayshree holding Suhasini’s hand and making her fall in the besan. Radha asks her to go and wash her face. Jayshree scolds Suhasini thinking her as Chameli. Suhasini makes her fall in the besan. Suhasini laughs and shows a thumps up to Radha. Jayshree tells her that time is running and asks her to go. Suhasini wipes her face and leaves from the kitchen. LD comes there and talks to Suhasini. She says Radha refused for help. LD says he is ready with the food. Jayshree sees Suhasini and Chameli together and tells LD. Suhasini runs to her room. Jayshree asks Jhanvi, did you see two chameli. Shyamali says no, we have 1 Chameli. LD says it happens in old age. Jhanvi and Chameli laugh. Jayshree says she is youngest. LD thanks Chameli. Radha sees the changed labels

on the boxes and thinks someone did it deliberately to make me fail in the test. She thinks Jayshree might be behind this, but then thinks she can’t do this. She thinks she can’t trust anyone.

Suhasini thinks she is saved today. Shambu sees Suhasini in the room and assumes Chameli is standing. He closes the door and hugs Suhasini. He gets shocked seeing her face. He runs out. Suhasini laughs. Radha asks Shyamali, what happened. Shyamali says Bhole Nath Chacha is leaving for forever. Radha gets worried and thinks it has happened because of her. She thinks what to do? She tells Shyamali that she will be back in 2 mins and wants to apologize to Bhole Nath ji. Shyamali says ok and asks her to give tea to Bhole Nath ji. LD comes to the kitchen and keeps the food parcels. He thinks Radha can’t fail in this test.

Chameli informs Dada ji that Bhole Nath ji came to meet him. Dada ji refuses to meet him saying it won’t be advantageous for him to meet me. Bhole Nath ji hears him and turns to go. Radha stops Bhole Nath ji and stops him. She apologizes to him from her heart. She says I didn’t know before giving my opinion. She says I know that you can be happy here only. Bhole Nath ji says you didn’t do anything wrong. The decision is taken by my kids. Everything is left in God’s hand. Radha takes his blessings He leaves. LD takes out the food in the bowls. Radha comes there. LD asks her to help him. He says he brought ready made food. Radha thanks him.

Jayshree looks at them and thinks she is not fair. She goes to tell other. Radha stops LD and says she won’t present the food infront of his family. She says she is doing hardwork to prove Sadhna taught her well. She didn’t want anyone to raise finger on Sadhna. LD says you know what, you are right. Today whatever the food taste might be, but the good thing is you made this. I salute you. You are already a winner in my eyes. They shake hands. LD says may be I could have hug you and smiles. Radha says we are not in a normal situation and I am trying to handle it my way. She says this is not my life. She asks him to process the divorce proceedings honestly.

LD thinks I am sorry Radha, I can’t let you go from here. Radha throws the food parcel in the bin. Dada ji is restless in his room. Bhole Nath ji sits in the car and leaves with his son. Dada ji comes out of his house and sees Bhole Nath ji leaving in the car. He looks at him and gets emotional. He looks at his house kept for sale and recalls Radha’s words. Jayshree thinks Radha is really acting and takes the food parcel cover from the bin. She thanks the God. LD gets worried and thinks cooking is much difficult. Dada ji comes inside and is tensed. He says sorry to LD and leaves. LD thinks why he is looking tensed. Dada ji tells Dadi Bua that he is going to ghat for sometime. Jayshree comes to LD and says you are here? Dadi Bua asks what is the matter? Jayshree asks LD to pick Sadhna from the station. LD gets happy and leaves.

Banwari praises LD. Govind says he didn’t have any doubt on him. The Servant comes and asks them to come for lunch. Jayshree brings food parcels infront of Dadi Bua and tells her that Radha is just pretending to make food. She already brought the food from outside, 1 hour before. Dadi Bua gets shocked and asks Shyamali to call Radha. Radha comes there. Dadi Bua says I expected this from you. I knew that you would do this cheap thing to pass in the test. Radha is clueless.

Everyone have food. Dada ji starts coughing. Dadi Bua asks Radha, did you put ground nut in the food. Radha is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. o sad?? Nw Radha wil gt bad impressin frm al!! And jayashree is num 1 chaalu nd wicked minded!!!

  2. 1 more thin thanks a lot to amena for fast WU.

  3. Jayshree is a b****
    So sad for Radha I hope LD supports her

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