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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sadhna telling some guest is coming. Banwari asks who is coming? Just then Neha comes shocking everyone. Radha announces that Neha is the bahu of the house, and says Murli wants the same. Shyamali asks what you are saying. Radha says she is saying right. Radha asks Chameli to bring aarti thali. Dadi Bua stops her and questions Sadhna. Sadhna says she have to support her other son also to get his love. She thinks I have to do this for Shyamali and this house’s betterment. She tells Radha told me about this at night itself. A flashback is shown, Radha tells Sadhna and Dada ji that she have to call Neha home, and she is doing this for Shyamali and Murli’s safety. She tells Dada ji that they have to keep Neha around them, to keep an eye on her. Dada ji says I am

with you. Radha says we have to act fir some days. FB ends.

Radha asks Sadhna to do aarti of new bahu. Neha thinks Radha is dancing on her tunes and gets happy. Jayshree thinks I am sure Neha did something and took Radha in her words. Sadhna does the aarti. Radha asks her to enter the house. Neha tries to touch Dadi Bua’s blessings, but she refuses to bless her. Neha tells there is one more surprise and calls Abhishek. Abhishek comes holding his suitcase. Neha says Abhishek will stay with me in this house. LD says he can’t stay here in this house. He says this is a house and not a dharm shala. Banwari says LD is right. He can’t stay in our house. Radha tells she is naming the house in Neha’s name, and then she will get her married to Murli with all the rituals, and will leave from here. Jayshree asks what game she is playing? Neha says she and her brother are not interested in Jhanvi anymore, and goes to the room.

Radha asks Neha, why did you bring Abhishek. Neha says I have that MMS and you have to agree to my every sayings. Shyamali packs her stuff. LD comes to her room and tries to talk. Shyamali asks him to go. LD says whatever Radha is doing is to protect this house. Sadhna comes and tells Shyamali that Radha told about it before itself. She tells you are my daughter and I can’t let you go. Sadhna says we have only one motive to bring her here, that there is no place for her in this house. We have to make Murli realize Neha’s real face. She says we have to act for some days and don’t have any other way out. She asks her to wipe the tears and have food. Sadhna and LD leave from the room.

Just then Neha and Murli enter the room, and see Shyamali there. Neha tells she brought all her stuff as she has to stay here. Shyamali leaves the room. Neha hugs Murli and says she is very happy. Murli says everything has happened so fast. Neha says she will be called Mrs. Murli Dhar Chaturvedi. He says he is worried about Jhanvi. Neha says Abhi will be away from Jhanvi. She says this family is mine too. Jayshree wonders why Radha is naming house in Neha’s name. She gets Pratap’s call, asking her to take a fast decision. Jayshree says she will discuss with the family members and will inform him.

Neha tells Abhishek that Chaturvedi family have bend infront of her. Abhishek says Murli is a kind of reserved guy. Neha says he is like a cow, and easy to handle. Sadhna comes and calls her for dinner. Sadhna tells Neha that she will marry Murli within a week, and it is not right to stay with Murli. She asks her to shift to storeroom till then. Abhishek says she is right. Neha agrees unwillingly.

LD comes to Radha. Radha asks him to take out his anger, and asks her everything. LD says he will wait for the day when she will tell him everything. He says he is not angry with her, and have trust on her. He offers his support. Radha thanks him.

LD asks Radha not to smile and show teeth. Radha smiles. LD says you did smile, so you are trapped. They smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Friends &tv has bad network…

  2. 2morrow’s episode will be interesting 🙂 🙂

  3. Story is interesting moving smoothly I only wish the writers make Radha smart and intelligent like some smart ways of detecting and helping the right people. Like finding out why such a thing is happening. In future she must outsmart the Crook Kabir who unfairly added clauses which is advantageous to him in the agreement ( very unfair) To outsmart Kabir the writers must consult a good lawyer to get the right Idea to nullify that agreement lawfully( that idea should come from Radha and there should be an intelligent revealation)
    Otherwise the story so far is good acting of Kabir is excellent.

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