Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini coming to Radha’s room and hugs her asking what will you get out of this. Why you are torturing youself? Radha says I am very tired and wants to sleep keeping my hand in your lap. Suhasini asks her to sleep. Radha rest in her lap and looks on. Dadi Bua tells everyone that she has decided to sell the house. Govind says what is the use of staying together, as we can’t get along. Sadhna asks him to think about Dada ji. Dadi Bua says it is right decision now. Murli helps Shyamali coming to the hall. Dadi Bua says she has talked to broker. Jayshree says she won’t let the house go in stranger’s house. She says her brother is ready to buy the house for Rs. 8 crores. Sadhna says you would have talk to us before talking to your brother. Dadi Bua says Jayshree

is right, being helpless. LD is leaving. Jayshree asks him to stay as they are discussing about selling home. LD says he is not interested. Sadhna asks him to have food. LD refuses and says he can’t eat now. He says once the deal is fixed, you and Shyamali bhabhi will shift with me to the new house. He says he wants Dadi Bua and Dada ji will stay with me. Banwari says they will stay with us.

Jayshree stops him and asks Dadi Bua to decide. Sadhna says where will Radha stay? LD says Radha Pathak is a guest, and she can’t stay longer for forever. Radha comes and gets sad hearing him. Govind says we shall implement the decision soon. Radha looks on. Jayshree scolds Banwari for asking Dadi Bua and Dada ji to stay with them. Banwari says Bhabhi ji is not well, how she will take care of them. Jayshree scolds them. Two property agents come and offer her 20 crores Rs. Jayshree asks them to sit and asks what are you saying? Broker says one party is interested. Jayshree insists to meet the buyer. Neha thinks who is this buyer, who wants to buy costly. The broker says he will talk to the buyer and goes. Shivani tells Jayshree that she can sell the house for a heavy price. Radha gets sad and thinks Jayshree is getting impatient to sell the house. I wish I could stop her.

Radha looks at LD’s wallet and thinks it might have LD’s girlfriend pic. She thinks to check and lifts the wallet to check. She opens the wallet and is relieved to see Sadhna’s pic. LD comes and snatches his wallet. He asks her to stay away from him and his things. Radha holds his hand to stop him. She asks what is your problem? Why do you think that I don’t have any work rather than planning against you. LD asks her not to come in his way. He says I hope you will not take advantage of my helplessness. Radha is sad and thinks I know that I don’t have any right now even in dreams. I just pray for your happiness.

Neha asks Jayshree to think wisely and asks who will give 20 crores for this old house. Jayshree says we don’t know about the market value. Neha says we have decided to sell it to your bhaiyya and then sell again. Jayshree says it is easy to get money in one go. She says I will handle with care. Neha says I have equal share in this. Jayshree asks her to keep an eye on Murli Dhar. Neha says she don’t need to keep an eye on Murli as he dances on her tunes. She says I needs to keep an eye on you rather than him. Jayshree asks her not to argue with her, else she will throw her out of the house. Neha says you are doing a big mistake. Jayshree says she will meet this buyer for sure. She gets a phone call from the broker asking her to meet the buyer. Jayshree gets happy.

Kabir and LD are sitting in a restaurant. Kabir says he didn’t keep anyone favour and returns the cigarette. LD takes a cigarette and says he don’t keep anyone extra favour. Kabir says your attitude is a killer. He says he wants to stay longer and wants him to handle the security. LD says my team will handle and I will visit you. Kabir asks are you married? LD looks on angrily. Kabir says really, love or arranged. LD asks why you are so interested? Kabir says he is doing research for his film and counting the experiences of married couple. LD says marriage can happen even while playing. Kabir asks really, how? Someone comes and gives posters. LD looks on. Radha recalls Kabir hugging Radha and proposing her. He gets jealous. Kabir looks at Radha’s photo and says my heroine is hot and sizzling. LD gets very much jealous and gets up. Kabir asks what happened? LD says posters are good, but we should respect girls, hot can be only coffee or tea. Kabir says I will use your lines in my film. He says your wife is very lucky as you loves her.

Jayshree reaches the buyer’s office. She sees Sardar coming in a big car and gets surprised. Jayshree thinks he is a big party and prays God to fix the deal. She sees Sardar giving 50 dollar tip to the peon and gets amazed. The broker introduces her to Sardar. The Sardar turns out to be Radha in disguise of a sardar. Jayshree looks on happily.

Jayshree calls Sardar to ask something. Radha is going from there and her phone rings. She gets tensed and wonders what to do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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