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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jhanvi thinking no one can separate her from Abhishek, although she has been locked. She takes the bed sheets and thinks to elope. Radha tells Sadhna that she will come back soon and asks her not to take stress. She says we all know about Jayshree aunty and also know about your concerned towards Jhanvi. LD sees Radha giving strength to Sadhna. He asks her to come. Sadhna asks Radha, if LD offered to drop her to Delhi. She says yes. Sadhna says it seems LD’s heart is melting for you. Radha gets Shivani’s call. Shivani says she is missing Mathura. Radha tells him about she is going to sign on the revised contract. Shivani gets shocked and asks her to wait until she comes. Radha says Kabir asked her to sign now itself. Radha thinks she shall sign the contract, only

after reading all the clauses. Radha and LD leave in the car.

Jhanvi seems to be hidden in his car’s decky. LD and Radha think about each other. LD plays music and holds her hand mistakenly. He gets down for smoking. Radha breaks his cigarettes and also takes cigarette from his mouth. LD holds her hand while she is going. He moves his hand on her hairs. Radha gets shy and runs happily. She imagines LD throwing flower petals on her and smiles hugging him. She imagines LD holding her and walking. She comes out of dream when she hears the horn and sees LD sitting inside the car. LD starts driving the car. Radha asks him to stop and says her dupatta was stuck. She takes her dupatta back. Jhanvi hides behind the tree after getting down from the car.

Radha and LD reach Kabir’s office. Radha apologizes for coming late. Kabir asks LD to leave them alone as he needs to talk to Radha alone. Radha sits down. Kabir asks her to sign on the papers fast. Radha asks about the sudden revision of contracts. The lawyer says it is a small changes. Kabir and Lawyer looks at each other. Kabir says he can’t wait until she reads the contract. Radha asks Awasthi about the changes. Kabir looks at her. Lawyer Awasthi shows her changes in the contract. Radha reads.

Sadhna asks Jayshree to give fruits to Jhanvi. Jayshree says she don’t want to give her anything, but being a mum she can’t be hard hearted. They go inside the house and sees no one. Jayshree sees the rope. Sadhna gets her letter and gives to Jayshree. Jayshree reads her letter that she will come back after marrying Abhishek. Jayshree gives the letter to Banwari. He is shocked.

Radha thinks she read just 2 papers now. Kabir says his mind doesn’t work in legal issues. Radha gets Shivani’s message asking her not to sign without reading. Radha asks Kabir to do his work and says she will take a little time. Kabir says okay. LD gets Sadhna’s call informing him about Jhanvi and he leaves. Radha gets tensed and wonders what to do. She says she is feeling unwell and goes to sit on the other side. She messages LD. LD tells her that Jhanvi has run away. Kabir and Awasthi sign each other. Radha tells she is unwell. Kabir asks her to sign and then he will call doctor for her. Radha thinks he won’t let me go until I signs. Kabir asks her to sign. Radha signs on all the papers.

Kabir and Awasthi smirks. Radha gives the papers to Kabir and says she will leave now. Kabir says he will call the doctor. Radha says she will be fine if she rest. Kabir asks Awasthi to do the formalities. Awasthi smiles. Kabir comes to Radha and tells that he will book her hotel room in Delhi. Radha says okay. Kabir says his driver will drop him. Just then LD comes in his car. Kabir taunts Radha and says he takes care of yours well. Radha says there is no medicine for doubting and asks him to call his driver. Kabir asks her to go with LD as he is her security incharge. Kabir thinks the clauses in the contracts is his reply to her many lies. He says your independence days are over.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. There was a precap

    1. Wht is the precap

  2. Really?? What was it?

  3. There was a precap. The precap was :

    LD (SAMRIDH) and RADHA (PRANALI) are in car. Suddenly LD stops the car and asks Radha what happened???????????? Radha says that perhaps an accident has happened ahead. LD and Radha immediately rush out of car to help the victim as ppl are surronding arround the victim. Police comes there and turns the body. LD closes his eyes and turns his head as he is not able to see it. Radha is shocked to find the body of JHANVI.

  4. You have selected extremely talented actors in Pranali and Bawa for beginners they are too good. However the writers are not doing a good job. You could have made LD a successful business man in touch with Kabir. Instead of making him body guard. Story narration implies Radha is a smart that is how she takes over LDs house and tries to set right the wrongs. But when dealing with Kabir you made her vulnerable she is intelligent and capable why not show that she understands the plans of Kabir and his Lawyer and she should have planned a escape plan! You have good actors get the best out of them and give them a chance to come up in their carrier. In this serial you have well known senior actors given the right push this serial can go places.

  5. gyus upload 3rd june episode of mrmrw

  6. No todays epi not updated

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