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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD messaging Radha on her phone. Chameli comes and tells Radha that she will bring the things. Radha thinks to find the recipes on net. She gets LD’s message. She replies him. LD says I will mail you recipe in 2 mins. Radha says I am also having net, no need to waste my time. LD thinks she is fighting cat, can fight in any situation. Suhasini is tensed about Radha’s test and asks Chameli to help her daughter. Chameli gives oils and grains can to Radha and goes. Suhasini looks at Radha. Radha says she will make sweets first. Suhasini thinks of Dadi Bua’s words asking her not to enter the kitchen and gets tensed. Jhanvi comes to the shop and tells Govind that she is having Mathematics test and finding it difficult to study. LD thinks come to the point.

Banwari says it is your favorite subject. She says I thought to take LD’s help. Govind says what did he study there? LD says he can help Jhanvi. She insists him to come. Jhanvi takes LD and leaves. Banwari says I didn’t understand. Murli says LD didn’t want to sit here. Banwari says LD thinks I didn’t understand anything, but I understand everything.

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Jayshree asks Suhasini not to help Radha. Suhasini tells her that she is just standing there and not helping her. She calls her big fat trouble. Jayshree gets irked and peeps in the kitchen. She thinks only 1 hour is left and she has just started. She smiles seeing Radha putting ground nut oil and adding sugar in the vegetable. Suhasini worries for Radha. She gets an idea and smiles. Radha tastes a vegetable dish and wonders why it is sugary. She gets tensed. LD asks Jhanvi to stay outside the kitchen and signals him if anyone is coming. She agrees.

LD comes to the kitchen and sees Radha cooking. He opens the vessel and looks at the kheer. Radha takes out the vessel from the stove. LD asks her to relax. Radha says she have to add tadka to the dal. LD hides hearing Jhanvi coughing. Jhanvi comes there and says she is coughing because of the chilli smell. She says Dada ji can come at any time. Radha asks LD to go. LD says how can it happen. Radha says it is my fight. I will manage. LD goes. Jayshree sees Chameli standing and asks her to go to Dadi Bua’s room. Dadi Bua calls her and asks her to come. Jayshree asks Chameli to let Suhasini clean the room. She leaves. Suhasini turns wearing Chameli’s saree and hair do. Radha thinks to make dal and takes chana dal instead of toor dal. Suhasini comes there and says it is chana dal. Radha is shocked to see her mum wearing Chameli’s saree. Suhasini asks her to hurry up. Radha says she will manage. Jayshree comes to Dadi Bua’s room and sees Chameli massaging Dadi Bua’s legs. She gets shocked and couldn’t speak. Chameli makes her drink water.

Jayshree drinks the water and thinks this old womaniya makes list of taunts for me. Dadi Bua says I have to make list looking at your work. Jayshree gets stunned. She asks what happened. Jayshree asks when did this chameli came here. Chameli says she is here since long. Jayshree thinks then who was she? Radha asks her to go. Suhasini says she will do the work. Radha says she will prefer to fail, but not let her insulted. Suhasini says she will check the oil, but Radha asks her to go. LD goes to the shop and buys the food items. Radha says this is cheating. You used to tell me this. She says I won’t bear your insult. She asks her to go. LD buys the food dishes and thinks he can’t let Radha fail. He tells the shop keeper that it is a surprise. Suhasini says we would have brought the parcel. She says all the best and is about to leave. Jayshree calls Radha. Suhasini hears her and sits in the kitchen. Suhasini prays to God. Radha lies that Chameli came to take milk for Dadi Bua. Jayshree says ok. She asks did you cook the food. Radha says she is cooking and asks her to go. Jayshree holds Suhasini’s hand. She gets shocked.

Dadi Bua tells Radha that she expected this from her. I know that you will do some cheap trick to pass in this test. Radha looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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