Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD promising Radha that he will come back to take her home. Radha is taken inside the lock up and cries. LD glances at her sadly and leaves. Chakarya Jheene Re…………plays………….LD and his family are in the car and going home. They are all sad and upset. LD cries. Radha is in shock and recalls the happy moments spent with LD. She cries. Radha looks at her mehendi and cries. LD calls someone and thinks call is not getting connected. He then calls lawyer Gupta and asks him to bail Radha in anyhow. They reach home and are devastated. LD imagines Radha and smiles. He turns back and sees no one. His smiles fade away. Sadhna asks him to come. The neighbors start gossiping about Chaturvedi and Radha. They say Chaturvedi’s are troubled because of Radha’s

greed. Sadhna asks Govind to come inside.

Everyone come inside the house. LD looks at the decorations of his cancelled wedding and recalls Dada ji taking out evil eye from him. He gets phone call from Gupta. Gupta says he got the bail and is coming home with her. LD asks him to come. Murli tells LD that everything happened infront of your eyes then….why you are trusting her. LD says his heart can’t doubt her. Jayshree hugs Shyamali and says she is relieved now. Murli blames LD. LD says we will talk later and looks at Dada ji.

Sudhakar comes with Suhasini and calls for Shankar Nath ji. LD asks why you are angry? You didn’t know what has happened with us? Sudhakar calls for Dada ji. Suhasini asks why you haven’t like Radha then why you acted with her. He tells about the kidnapping and etc. Jayshree asks why you are here? Sudhakar tells that the goons released him when Radha’s marriage was cancelled. Jayshree stops yelling and says my family was arrested because of Radha. Chameli asks Sadhna to come as Dada ji is gaining consciousness. Jayshree smirks and gets happy thinking Sudhakar is getting angry old man. LD asks Dada ji to open his eyes.

Dada ji opens his eyes and sees everyone. He tries to say. Dadi bua asks what is happening to him. Doctor says he got paralysis attack. Everyone is shocked. Radha comes and is shocked too. Dadi Bua asks him to say. Doctor says he is unable to talk. Jayshree thinks she has to do something. Dadi bua asks him to say something. He points finger towards Radha. LD asks him to try to say. Dadi bua says may be he wants to talk to Radha. Radha cries. Doctor asks everyone to go outside. LD says he wants to say something to Radha. Jayshree starts her acting and says she knows what he wants to say. Dadi bua asks her to say clearly. Jayshree says he wanted to say so many things, but became silent because of some people. She looks at Radha and family. LD asks what do you mean? Jayshree blames Radha and her family for Dada ji’s condition. Suhasini says we suffered a lot. LD asks Jayshree not to blame them.

Sadhna asks what you wants to say. Jayshree says she has a proofs and shows the papers. She says Dada ji’s heart is so big. He didn’t say her truth to anyone, because of LD’s happiness. He didn’t say anyone that Radha and her family came with a plan here. Radha asks her to stop. Jayshree shows the papers. Govind is shocked to see the papers. Jayshree says it is property papers. Radha got the land named on her name. She says Dada ji did it for you. Radha recalls dada ji taking her signatures and Rakesh telling Dada ji’s plan. She stays silent. Sadhna says it is a lie. Jayshree shows photos. Everyone is shocked. Sudhakar and Suhasini tell that these photos are taken when Rakesh came to return the money. Murli says Dada ji gave you money. LD recalls Sudhakar counting the money. Jayshree says Dada helped him and they betrayed him. Suhasini asks him to stop. Sudhakar tells that they have returned the money to Jayshree. Jayshree acts innocent.

LD asks how your signatures came on these papers. Radha says you played one game and I replied to it. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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