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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhishek blaming Neha for betraying him. Neha says she saw this dream since many years and lost many things. She says love is a waste of time, and asks him to support her quietly. She says decision is yours. Abhishek looks on. Radha tells Jhanvi that she is with her in this situation, and asks her to go to her room before anyone sees her. LD questions Radha, where did you go? I was tensed. Radha says I didn’t know that you will get tensed. LD says I was worried. Radha says she went to market for some work. LD asks her to say the truth. Radha says you will know when the time is right. Jayshree comes to the marriage bureau to talk to the groom. She likes him instantly, and asks for his name. Just then Pratap comes there, Jayshree gets shocked seeing him. Pratap greets

her, and asks are you thinking to convert our friendship into relation. He reminds her that whatever she is today, is because of him. He says this marriage will happen and what we need is a small part of Chaturvedi family. Jayshree says her family will not agree, and asks him to give some time. Pratap agrees. Jayshree thinks she is trapped.

At home, Jayshree thinks she has to do something. Banwari opens the light and gets shocked seeing Jayshree. Banwari asks about the groom? Jayshree says she didn’t like him, and thinks she has to do something to come out of mess. Jhanvi gets Abhishek’s message, that reads he loves her and he didn’t know about Neha’s doings. He asks her to meet him outside the house. She meets him. Abhishek says he didn’t know about Neha’s plan. Jhanvi asks did you do it intentionally. Abhishek struggles for words. Jhanvi slaps him for ruining her life and asks him to go. Abhishek asks her to listen to him. LD sees them and beats Abhishek. Murli also joins and beats him. Radha asks him to kick him out. Even Jhanvi asks her brothers to beat him. Abhishek says I bear much, and will settle scores with LD and Jhanvi now. He says my sister will take revenge now. Neha is standing far and thinks my brother came to me being my blood. Jhanvi cries hugging Radha. Neha thinks destiny is going to be change for you.

Jhanvi tells her family that Abhishek and his sister is very bad, and tells that Neha is his sister. Everyone get shocked. LD asks why did you love him. Jhanvi says she came to know about it today and she was blackmailing me and asking me to do as she says. Radha thinks she might tell about MMS and asks LD not to question her.

Abhishek tells Neha that Jhanvi misunderstood his love and asks whether she has kept the MMS safely. Neha says yes. Murli calls Neha and asks if Abhishek is your brother. Neha says yes. Murli asks if everything is your planning? Neha acts innocent and says she will not lie to him. She takes him in her words. LD tells Radha that I am sure you know about him. Radha says she came to know about Neha, when she went with Jhanvi to meet her. LD says you are hiding something else from me, and I am not surprised. Sadhna asks them to think. Radha gets Neha’s call. Neha says it means you have taken the decision, good.

Radha asks LD to ask him why she is doing this. LD says I know you are doing this with a reason, and offers his help. Radha thanks him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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