Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir proposing Radha and asks what is your answer. Radha is surprised. Kabir says this is our film’s opening scene. Suhasini hugs Radha. Shivani asks Kabir to punish her infront of everyone. Kabir says I forgive you. LD says he will leave. Kabir asks him to stop for having champagne. Shivani thinks LD helped her and informed about Kabir’s arrival. Flashback is shown. LD massages Shivani about Kabir’s arrival. Kabir gives the champagne to everyone and says his company is offering 5 films deal to Radha. He says Radha will be opposite me in the films, unless she gets a better hero than me. He gives some papers. Sudhakar says no one can stop my daughter from becoming a superstar.

LD congrats Radha and drinks champagne. Sudhakar says he is very proud

father of the world because of Kabir. Kabir says Radha is not looking happy. Radha says she can’t believe on her destiny. Kabir asks her to believe it. He asks about the mannat. Sudhakar says my daughter is trapped. Suhasini says he means Radha is trapped in mannat. Sudhakar tries to say. Suhasini asks him to come. LD offers to help him, but he refuses and leaves. Kabir asks Suhasini to sleep as well. He says we have early morning flight tomorrow. He says he have to do puja until the film releases.

Kabir comes to LD and asks for Cigarette. LD offers it. Kabir says it is his brand and says LD that he has style. He asks what are you hiding. He says there are two types of people. You are hiding some pain. LD asks why did you drink. Kabir says it is his habit now and asks how to get relieve of this habit. LD thinks he doesn’t know. Kabir asks LD to keep an eye on Radha. LD says I am security incharge and not a spy. Kabir says he wants to surprise Radha. He says Radha reached the hotel when we went there. He asks him to keep an eye on Radha and inform him.

Sadhna tells that Radha is not in her room. Jayshree says you should keep an eye on her. She badmouths about Radha and asks her to think about LD. Sadhna asks Jayshree to think from a mother’s perspective. Murli comes and hears them. Sadhna explains to her about mother and child’s relation. She says a mother can’t spoil her children’s future and prays to God to show right path to her children. Banwari calls so she leaves. Murli gets effected by her words. Shyamali gets hurt. Murli brings an ointment for her. Sadhna applies on her feet. Neha thinks murli would have come by now and waits for him.

Radha wakes up Shivani. Shivani asks when did you get my message. Radha says I got. Why you called me here and lied to Kabir. Shivani says because. Radha says I am dependent on you. Shivani seems to be angry with her. Radha says I really need you and cries. Radha says my LD loves someone else. She says she is not jealous but is concerned for him. She wants to know whether that girl deserves LD. She says it is effecting her. Shivani tries to console her. Radha asks her to enquire about the girl. She says I won’t trouble you.

Radha and LD think about each other and reminisces the times spent with each other. Radha recalls LD talking to some one. Radha thinks about LD congratulating her.

Jayshree asks LD to sit as they are talking about selling the house. LD says he is not interested. He says we will shift to new house. Sadhna asks what about Radha. LD looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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