Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudhakar and Suhasini coming to Mathura with Kabir in his car. Kabir senses Suhasini’s displeasure and asks if any problem. Suhasini says no problem. Kabir says you should not have any problem when problem solver is with you. He asks about Radha’s mannat in the temple. Suhasini tells about the temple. Kabir asks her about the connection with Mathura. Shivani comes to Radha and throws her resignation letter. Radha is shocked. Shivani says she can’t work and asks Radha where did you go without informing me. Radha asks her to calm down. Shivani says I don’t think I can help you further that’s why I quit. Radha tries to stop her. Suhasini thinks Kabir made the helicopter land in Mathura itself and thinks how to inform Radha. Kabir tells that this private helicopter

belongs to his friend. Sudhakar says it is a great experience. Kabir asks them to switch off their phones. Suhasini says she was not checking the phone. Kabir says he wants to surprise Radha and asks them to give their phones to him. They oblige and are tensed.

Radha thinks about LD talking to someone and wonders about the girl with whom LD is sharing the pain. She cries. She thinks she needs to know about the girl. Kabir calls someone and asks about the security. Sudhakar says we shall go inside and sit. Kabir says he doesn’t need any security and he will drive the car himself. He sits in the car along with Sudhakar and Suhasini, just then LD comes in the car and bumps into Kabir’s car. Kabir gets down and eyes LD. LD introduces himself as LD, his security incharge. Kabir says you are late and asks why did you make me wait. LD says for my personal reasons. Kabir says do you know who am I? Kabir asks him to drive fast. LD asks him to give autograph as his sister likes him. Sudhakar is irked seeing him. Radha looks at the ring and gets emotional as she recalls the moments. LD looks at Sudhakar and Suhasini and thinks they are in tension. Kabir tells LD that they are tensed. LD says he can’t say as he doesn’t know them. Kabir asks Suhasini to say, what is going on in her mind. Suhasini says she is just tired.

Murli comes to his room after bathing and thinks Chameli didn’t wash his clothes. He sees LD’s shirt and wonders how it came in his room. Neha looks at him and thinks time has come to make Shyamali away from home. Kabir asks her about the connection with Mathura. Suhasini makes an excuse that they come to Mathura to seek God’s blessings. LD asks Kabir, where are you going? Kabir says he is going to meet his heroine Radha Pathak. LD is angry. Kabir asks Suhasini about Radha’s hotel name.

Radha thinks to hide about Jayshree’s conversation with Neha. Sadhna starts coughing. Radha goes to bring medicines. Kabir stops on the way. LD checks the car and says there is some problem in the engine. Kabir checks and repairs the engine. LD looks angrily. Suhasini tells LD that Kabir doesn’t know anything about his relation with Radha. Sudhakar says past is past. LD drives off. They reach the hotel. Kabir signs the autographs. Suhasini gets worried. Sudhakar asks her to relax and have patience. Kabir asks LD to enquire about Radha’s room number and tells about her name. LD goes. Suhasini says she can’t bear anymore and says she will inform Kabir. Sudhakar says not now. Kabir asks the receptionist about Radha’s room number. She says she stays here. Everyone goes towards the room.

Kabir rings the bell and asks the manager to bring room’s master key. He brings it. Radha opens the door. LD gets shocked seeing Radha in the hotel. Kabir says surprise. Radha greets him and asks Sudhakar and Suhasini about their sudden visit. Kabir hugs Radha and says so good to see you. LD gets jealous. Kabir asks her about her and gets inside. Radha says I am glad that you called my parents here. Kabir says it is okay. Radha thanks him. Kabir tells that he needs to say something. LD stops to hear them. Kabir says I am very happy to have you and I want you to be on my side. He asks her to become his heroine for life long. Radha is surprised and shocked. Sudhakar, Suhasini and LD look shocking. Kabir bends down and forwards his hand towards Radha while proposing her for marriage. Radha is shocked. LD burns with jealously. Everyone is shocked. Shivani thinks it is a big shock, Kabir didn’t know that Radha is already married. Radha looks at LD.

Sudhakar says he is proud papa because of Kabir. Kabir says Radha is not looking happy today. Radha says she is not believing on her destiny. Kabir asks her to believe it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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