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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD looking at Radha’s hand made cake and says you are learning well. He sees her coming and pretends not to like it. Radha comes and says she made it especially for him. LD says I would have eats poison if you makes. Radha asks him to leave. LD says you can’t do anything as it is my birthday today. She calls him road side romeo. He says lets cut the cake. He cuts the cake while Radha sings happy birthday song. He eats the cake instead of giving to Radha. She smears the cake pastry on LD’s face. LD says not done and goes towards her. She runs. LD just put a little cream on her face. Then he smears her complete face. He asks where is my gift. Radha says she will buy it. LD says he needs it today itself. Radha asks what do you want? LD asks you? Radha says

what? He asks her to come to market for buying the gift. Radha agrees. LD thanks Kanha ji.

Govind tells Sadhna and Dadi Bua that Radha’s family have took a loan of 25 lakhs and gave Dada ji’s name as a guarantor. Now they are calling us for money. Dadi Bua gets shocked. Sadhna says she doesn’t think they can do this. Govind says he enquired about it. He will talk to Dada ji. He tells Sadhna that they shall not trust anyone blindly. Sadhna gets tensed and thinks what to do.

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LD and Radha are out for an outing. LD asks Radha to give her hand as they stand in the boat. LD smiles looking at Radha. She also reciprocates. A song plays while he looks at her. They take a boat ride and look in each other eyes while the song plays…….Mere Rang Me…….LD stares her. He signs the sailor to stop it. He lie down to rest. LD scares Radha asking her if she knows swimming. Radha gets tensed and scared. She says she doesn’t know swimming. LD pulls her leg. She tells she is scared of crocodiles. She asks the sailor to wake up. He tells that there are no crocodiles here. Radha gets angry at LD. LD tells her that they shall have lagda as it is his birthday today. Passerby gathers there and hears them. LD asks her to speak in low tone and tells her that Dada ji have made him president of the youth culture. He says your LD have become big man now. Radha is surprised and says it means they have made a theif guard a bank. LD says it is really a big thing, if my wife scolds me then everyone will laugh on me. Radha looks on.

She stops at shop to buy gift for him. She thinks to buy bangles for Sadhna aunty. LD likes it. She even likes earrings for Shyamali. She asks the shop keeper to show teddy bear. LD thinks she is buying gifts for her family and then asks whether I love her. She buys Kanha ji idol for Dadi Bua. LD reminds her that today is his birthday. LD asks her to buy a greeting card for him with love written on it. Radha says small town mentally and doesn’t like it. She likes a cup for him and says you can get your photo printed on it. LD asks the shop keeper to get their photo printed on it. He asks Radha to pose with him. Mere Rang Me plays as they pose for the photos. He asks shall I write anything.

Radha asks him to write his DOB. LD says 5th Oct and then says 27th Feb. She gets angry and asks the shopkeeper to keep the cup and takes the remaining gifts. She calls him cheapo and says you doesn’t have any value for other’s sentiments. LD tries to speak. She says she will never trust him. LD asks her not to scare him much. Radha says her friends were comfortable with her. LD teases her. Radha asks her to come home. LD apologizes to her. Radha says no and tells to go back to Mumbai. He reminds her of the deal. Radha recalls. LD says we can be friends till then. He asks for a chance to prove his friendship. Radha shakes hand with him. LD smiles.

Sudhakar and Suhasini come to Dada ji’s house. Govind asks did you take 25 lakhs loan from someone. He shows the papers and asks are we saying wrong. Radha looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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