Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha driving scooter and comes back home. She is still in shock. Suhasini tells Kabir that she will call Radha and asks her to book hotel room for her. Kabir says all the arrangements are done and asks her not to call Radha. He says he wants to surprise Radha to see her happiness on her face. Sudhakar says why don’t we go tomorrow. Kabir says he can’t wait and his chartered helicopter is ready. Sudhakar says great. Radha cries and recalls LD’s words. She recalls LD speaking to someone about his pain. She recalls their happy moments and cries. She sees the car and recalls colliding with it before. She thinks why this car is standing outside Neha’s house. Radha tries to hear. Neha drinks and asks Jayshree why you got angry when I came there. Jayshree asks

Neha to agree to her sayings. She says you are not a pataka, but a bomb. She says I made you entered the house as a servant because of my planning. Neha says I didn’t know that Radha would come.

Jayshree says your aim is changed now. Neha says she will get Murli divorced Shyamali. Radha tries to peep inside the house. Jayshree says Murli is feeling guilty and is unable to divorce Shyamali. She says we will shift the focus on the partition. She says Radha is very clever and is playing her game. Neha says she knows what to do and says may be you can clear me from your way. Jayshree gets angry and asks her to hear her carefully. She says time has come to take Dada ji’s signatures on property papers. Radha finally sees Jayshree and thinks she is behind Neha. Jayshree says she will sell the property and get money. Radha thinks they are planning big. Neha says you are hurrying up. Radha’s phone rings. Jayshree and Neha get alert. Radha tries to go, but her dupatta gets stuck. Neha says she will check.

Kabir, Suhasini and Sudhakar are leaving. Kabir thinks he will know what is Radha doing in Mathura. Suhasini gets tensed. Radha manages to get her dupatta and hides behind the car. Neha looks around. Radha hides beneath the car and thinks she can’t come infront of her as she wants to enquire about the plan. LD comes there and asks Radha, what the hell are you here? Radha keeps her hand on his mouth. LD asks her not to stress his mum. She asks what are you doing here? Radha says she heard Neha talking to someone. She brings him inside Neha’s house. LD asks her to mind her business and go home. Radha gets sad.

Jayshree asks Bua ji to talk to everyone. Bua ji says she will not allow this to happen. She can’t think to sell this house. Jayshree closes the door and tortures Bua ji. Bua ji cries and says I supported you, but can’t support now. Jayshree threatens her and says she will expose Dada ji with the proofs. Dadi Bua cries and pleads to her not to do so. Jayshree gives her time asking her to decide. She talks to her and insults. Dadi bua says you have stoop so low. Jayshree asks her to shift to some other shelter after selling the house. She threatens her to tell the family about selling the house else she will show the proofs to everyone.

Jayshree tells Banwari that she liked Dadi Bua’s plan. Banwari asks have you gone mad? Jayshree asks him to understand her plan. Banwari says he has his own mind. Jayshree says you have just a thump and asks him to print on the papers. Banwari drinks wine. Jayshree asks him to do as she says. She threatens him as well. Banwari drinks and agrees. Jayshree says I am doing this for you. If Dada ji gets well, then he will name everything on Govind’s name. Banwari asks her to do as she thinks right. Jayshree says it is a matter about our daughter. Banwari asks her to do as she wants. Jayshree thinks to sell the house and sleeps on the money bed. Dadi bua talks to broker and asks him to bring the buyer. Radha hears her. Dadi bua says the buyer will know that he is buying Chaturvedi Nivas. She says he will get chaturvedi Nivas’s prestige and respect. Radha looks shocked.

LD comes and greets Kabir, saying he is his security incharge. Suhasini and Sudhakar get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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