Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD making a plan with his friends to fool Radha. Radha’s mum makes her eat food and makes her mood good. She says I always think good for you. Radha says marriage is not good. Her mum says its good. Radha says she will marry, but not now, she has to achieve things. Her mum says yes, I did not take you to mandap now. She asks for more food and says she is going for an ad audition. LD’s friend calls Radha and tells about her direct audition, as she is selected. Radha is glad and thanks him. She asks when she has to come. LD says tell her to come soon. Radha asks are you there. He says yes, and no need to give audition, we chose you for the ad. Radha says but notice was for audition. He says yes, but its our agency and our ad. He tells her the address and time.

Radha says she will come. She asks about money. He says don’t worry, we are reputed agency. LD says ask her to come in bridal dress.

He asks Radha to come dressed as bride, in bridal wear and jewelry. She asks won’t you provide me. He says I know, you ask many questions, this is our theme, a bride is incomplete without jewelry, we make brides. He tells about his slogan and asks her to come as he says. Radha says sure and ends the call. She tells the good news to her mum. The guy says LD its done. At Mathura, LD’s family sits for breakfast. Dadi Bau ji asks for Dada ji. LD’s dad says he went to call him, but…. Dadi Bua gets angry. LD’s mum says don’t worry, he will come in five mins and sends the children. They go to convince Dada ji saying they will not also not eat food and blames LD. Dada ji comes to have food and everyone gets happy. They all have food together. LD tells about the prank plans.

LD says he will teach her a good lesson and stab on her self confidence. He thinks. His friend asks what happened, LD asks are we doing much, is it good to break someone dreams. They ask him is he fine. LD says he is not feeling this is right, lets cancel. They stop him and provoke him to take revenge. LD says yes, I will ruin her image that she will hide her face and name. Radha tells Isha’s mum everything. She says how can she accept this if she got audition call on phone. Radha says she was very excited and believed them. Radha tells her mum that the big contract. Radha says she can’t cancel the shoot. Her mum says the guy’s family is coming to see her. Radha tells her dad that she won’t marry the guy his brother chose for her, as he is unfair.

LD asks where is the actor, and they make LD ready as the groom. Radha tries convincing her mum and says she is leaving the house. Her mum says she got mad and she will beat her now. Radha’s parents stop her and then agree for her ad. Radha tells her to make everything ready. Her mum says she will also come in shooting. Radha says fine, you can come, as mum is always welcome in marriage, even if its shooting marriage, She hugs her. Dada ji says he will keep mannat for LD this year. Chachi ji is annoyed and talks to Chameli. She says the puja will be for 7 days and they have to stay hungry. Dadi Bua tells about LD’s study ending next year and he can get married now. She asks him to keep this mannat. LD’s mum says whats the hurry. Dada ji looks at her and says he will keep mannat for LD’s marriage.

Radha comes for the ad film in bridal attire. LD looks at her and smiles. She is shocked seeing him in groom’s attire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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