Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts LD seeing ring in Radha’s chain and asks her to tell the truth. He says I was waiting for you and told I don’t love you LD.He says you have forgotten your career for the promise made to my mum. You have united my house, and protected my house. You have shaken my ego. I didn’t hate any body to this extent than you. He asks what do you want, tell me clearly. Radha promises to tell him everything, and asks to wait for 2 more weeks. She promises to give answers to his every question. LD asks what about you? Will you leave from here. She wipes her tears. Jahnvi throws the ring on the floor, Radha picks it up, and says you are hurting yourself. She says Abhishek have hurt everyone of us. Don’t blame yourself. Jhanvi says she is not trusted by them and cries. She gets

Abhishek’s call. Radha asks her to talk to him, assuring her that she is with her.

Jhanvi gets Neha’s message, asking her to do as they say. Radha reads her message also and is shocked to know about Neha. Jhanvi tells her that she went to meet Abhishek and came to know that Neha is his own sister. Radha thinks it is Neha’s plan. Neha thinks Jhanvi is her passport to enter Chaturvedi Nivas. Jhanvi tells Radha that Neha is threatening her, and said that she will tell everyone about her closeness with Abhishek. Radha asks what do you mean? Jhanvi tells something, and a flashback is shown when they get close. Radha asks what did you do Jhanvi? Neha calls Jhanvi again. Radha picks the call and tells she wants to meet her.

Jayshree talks to the match broker and asks to get rich groom having 100-150 crores. The match broker Lakshmi tells about the alliance. Jayshree gets impressed and says she will come to office. She tells Banwari that groom wants to meet bride’s mum, and stays in foreign. Banwari says it is strange that he want to meet you. Jhanvi thinks she has to go with Radha silently. Neha thinks they might come home. Just then Radha and Jhanvi come to Abhishek’s house. Abhishek greets them. Radha slaps him hard. Abhishek says you didn’t hear me. Radha says you are a fraud and your love is also fake. She asks him to leave from Mathura. Neha comes out and says you shall leave from here, your time is up. She threatens Jhanvi for not keeping it as a secret, and says I brought a gift for you. She shows Jhanvi and Abhishek’s intimacy video. Abhishek asks what did you do Didi. Radha says aren’t you ashame to do this. Neha says she will send it as a MMS. Abhishek says I trust you and you did it.

Neha asks him to see the drama quietly, sitting in the corner. She asks her to take home with the right of Murli’s wife, and give her money. Radha refuses. Neha asks Jhanvi to make Radha understand. Neha gives her a night time to think, else she will send her mms to people. Dada ji tells Sadhna that he will go to make Radha’s chacha, but what he will say at home. Sadhna asks him not to worry. Dada ji says he have to bribe them to get the info, and asks to get 10-12 lakhs from shop. LD calls for Sadhna. Sadhna tells Dada ji that LD is calling her. LD calls someone and asks to enquire about Radha. He tells Sadhna that she left somewhere without informing him and gets worried because of her recent kidnapping.

Radha asks Jhanvi, how did it happen, when I explained to you to stay in limits. Jhanvi cries and says she pained her parents. She can’t life and shall die. She says I have bended my parents’ head. Radha says do you think all your problems will end with this, no….She says Neha will malign your name and will hurt the most who loves you so much. Won’t you fight for your people. She asks her to understand that whatever happened was wrong, and they have family strong because of which no one can harm them. She says time has come to make Neha cry.

LD asks Radha, where did you go? Radha tells she went to market. LD asks her not to hide and tell fast.

Update Credit to: Amena

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