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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Murli talking to Dada ji. He then gives the call to Govind. Jayshree thinks he called to know about home affairs. Govind tells that he agrees with his decision to appoint him chairman of the culture community. Jayshree asks Murli about it. Murli is happy and says he is involved with this samithi since long. Govind asks Murli to gather everyone in Dadi Bua’s room. Murli thinks Dada ji is appointing him and gets happy. Jayshree thinks something is going to be wrong. Dadi Bua agrees with Dada ji’s decision. Everyone come there. Govind says he needs to announce. He says dada ji has chosen a name and hope everyone agrees with his decision. He says the new chairman will be LD. Murli gets shocked. LD gets surprised.

Govind says this is buaji’s decision

and we have approved it. We have taken this decision as LD studied in different cities and knows about youth. Sadhna signs LD to take elders’ blessings. Dadi bua asks him to touch Murli’s leg. Murli congrats LD and leaves. Sadhna senses something is wrong. Jayshree says LD has grown up. Dadi Bua says yes. Radha thinks today is LD’s birthday and thinks to wishes him. Dadi bua asks her to serve him at the terrace.

Sadhna comes to Murli and gives him tea. Murli throws it. Sadhna asks what is this? Murli says it doesn’t matter. Sadhna says today Govind gave a big responsibility to LD, her one son is happy and the other is sad. Murli says you said right, I am your other son. LD is world for me. Sadhna says LD is your younger brother. Murli says he is tired of becoming elder and obedient son. He says you came here to know about my problem, but praising me. Sadhna says both of you are my eyes. Murli says today you have crossed the limits. He says I was hoping that Dada ji will appoint me, but Dada ji disappointed me. He says you always refused me to give anything. Sometimes I feel that I am your step son. Sadhna gets angry and slaps him. Murli says he got a punishment without doing any mistake.

Radha apologizes to LD and says she didn’t know today is his birthday. LD says yes. He thinks she is mistaken. Radha says she will wish him. She says she will bring cake and have party. Jhanvi comes. LD signs her that today is his birthday. Jhanvi understands. Radha says how to celebrate birthday without a cake. LD says it happens like this. Radha goes. LD asks Jhanvi not to tell Radha anything. He plans to take Radha for an outing. She likes his idea.

Sadhna tells your anger is justified and says she will talk to Govind. Murli asks her not to favour him. Sadhna holds his hand and cries. Murli says I know that you are hurt and apologizes. He says he is living in this pain since childhood. He says I won’t forgive you for the betrayal which you did to me. Shyamali comes there and hears them. She asks what happened? Sadhna says she have to talk to Govind right now. Shyamali looks sad.

Radha talks to Chameli about LD’s birthday. She says she will do something special for him. She thinks no fights today. She tells that she is thinking to make cake for him. Chameli suggests cooker. Shyamali says she will help. Radha thanks her and gives something. Shyamali blesses them. Radha gets thinking. Govind asks Murli to take LD and explain him everything. Murli says ok. Sadhna goes to talk to Govind. He gets a call from someone. He thinks how Radha and her father can do this. Sadhna thinks whether Murli is right. Radha asks about her plans for today. Sadhna excuses herself. Jhanvi comes and tells her that cake is ready. Radha checks the cake and praises herself. She thinks what to do something more on his birthday. Govind thinks Bua ji was right, they are very cheap people and have their eye on our wealth.

Radha and LD are on their outing. LD tells his date of birth. Radha gets surprised to know that today is not his birthday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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