Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sadhna telling Radha that you made this food with honesty and everything will be fine. Dadi Bua reminds Radha that if Guru Maa doesn’t like the food then today will be last day for her. Radha thinks Papa was right as he asked me to give a chance to my destiny. LD tells Govind that he is fine and asks him not to worry about him. Govind says you almost make me die. LD holds his ears and says he won’t repeat the stunt. Banwari and Murli are tensed thinking whether Guru Maa eat the food.

Her Shishya’s tell that Guru Maa won’t eat this food. Guru Maa stops and is about to wash her hands. Radha requests Guru Maa not to leave food. Dadi Bua says we already got the food made for you as per your taste. Radha asks her to listen to her once. She asks Chameli

to give rotis. She shows the rotis and says it is made of maida, wheat etc. It is said by different names. Why you raised a finger on chinese food. She says it is also made of maida and vegetable. She says it is pure vegetarian. Guru Maa looks on.

She tells that she has used the same things which is used in traditional food. Dadi Bua tells Radha to get up as Guru Maa won’t eat the food. She tells her that she made the food with heart. She asks her to taste it. Guru Maa nods in a yes. Everyone is happy. LD thinks Radha did a sixer out of stadium. Everyone start having chinese food. Guru Maa tastes it first and eats it. Everyone likes it. Radha is happy. Dadi Bua apologizes to Guru Maa. Guru Maa says I would have made a mistake, if not listened to Radha.

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She does tilak of the men of the house and says she can see the coming changes in the house. She says it will soon come. It is necessary. Jayshree smiles. Guru Maa says I hope it is for everyone’s betterment. Dadi Bua thinks this girl will ruin this house. Guru Maa does LD’s tilak and then calls Radha. She gives the holy mala to Radha saying it is her blessings to the bahu of this house. Her Shishya says Guru Maa never gave her mala to anyone. Radha breaks the mala into two. Everyone get shocked. LD thinsk what did she do? Radha asks Shyamali to forward her hand and ties it around her hand. She tells Guru Maa that she can’t take it alone as Shyamali is also a bahu.

Guru Maa asks LD to tie other part of mala on Radha’s wrist. LD obliges and ties it around her hand. LD thinks Radha didn’t react when she called her bahu. Radha thinks why I didn’t react. Guru Maa says she is very impressed and will leave now. Everyone greet her. They leave. Dadi Bua thinks what she will answer to Dada ji. She says Radha got Guru Maa’s blessings today. Banwari tells LD that Radha’s made food was awesome. LD says he didn’t get the food. Radha says she made light soup. Jayshree says we shall all eat food. Sadhna says I will give sweets to all. Radha says she made strawberry cup cakes for all. Chameli brings it for everyone.

Sadhna gives it to Murli. He refuses saying he don’t like to eat today. Sadhna insists him to taste it. Banwari eats it and likes it. Sadhna gives two cups to LD. LD says he is very happy today and thanks Sadhna. She makes him eat the sweets. Murli gets jealous. Sadhna congrats Radha. Radha thanks her for showing trust on her. She says today I didn’t miss my mum, thanks to you. Sadhna says she is proud of her. Radha says if sir would have been here, then his opinion might have changed today. Sadhna says soon he will also change his opinion. LD comes there and says he came to inspect. He asks everyone to go out and says he will serve the food.

LD says I wants to say….Radha says you wanted to ask why I didn’t react when Guru Maa called me bahu. LD says I didn’t say anything. Everyone sit for having food. Shyamali says she can’t have much food. LD asks her to eat. Jayshree asks Dadi Bua to come and have food. She tells that Dada ji would be happy seeing Guru Maa getting impressed with them. Dadi Bua asks Shambu to get water for her. She drinks water. Jayshree tells Dadi Bua to announce the results. She asks her to praise Radha. Radha thinks Jayshree is praising me. Jayshree continues to praise Radha and says she made delicious food alone. She asks her to give money as shagun to Radha. Dadi Bua says why not. She asks Radha to come and take Aashirwad of Dadi Bua.

Dadi Bua gives her money as blessings. Radha thanks her. LD smiles. Dadi Bua thinks Jayshree is jumping today and says I will handle her. Jayshree thinks she won’t let the chance go. Dadi Bua thinks still there are many tests to go.

Sadhna says if you are not happy then it will effect me. She says at one side LD is happy and at the other you are not. Murli says it seems I am your step son. Sadhna slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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