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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha and Kabir getting married and putting garland in each other heads. Pandit ji asks them to start taking the rounds. LD looks on shockingly and recalls his marriage. Pandit ji asks Radha to walk ahead of Kabir. He asks Kabir to fill her maang with sindoor. Kabir is about to apply sindoor in her maang, but Radha stops him and says she will fill her maang herself. Kabir says director want this scene. Radha stops him. Kabir asks what is wrong with you, or you are scared that this reel marriage will turn real. Radha is shocked. HE asks for lights, and everyone see LD and Radha’s marriage on projector. Kabir take out the garland from his neck. Sudhakar comes. Radha is shocked to see him.

Kabir says how can your daughter’s marriage happen without

you. He asks LD to come near them. He calls her Mrs. LD Chaturvedi. He says you didn’t make me realize that I am romancing a married woman ofscreen. He tells that he was doubtful about her, and reached hotel without informing her. The receptionist informs him that she didn’t come since 5 days. He sees LD dropping Radha to the hotel. Jhanvi thinks about Jayshree’s words and cries. She looks for her phone and calls Abhi again. Abhishek tells he wants to talk to Jhanvi and asks Neha to return his phone. Neha says okay and asks him to talk to Jhanvi. Just then he gets Jhanvi’s call and gets happy. Jhanvi says she wants to meet him. Abhi asks where we shall meet? Shall I come to your house. Jhanvi says she will come, and asks about his address. He tells his address and then asks Neha to hide when Jhanvi comes.

Kabir says he got their video on net, and knew her history and geography. He says I came to know that you have registered your marriage and filed for divorce too. I thought you have done a right thing finally. He tells LD that you are good actor than me. He reminds Sudhakar about their lie and that Radha went to Mathura for puja. He says you have lied and cheated me. He asks why did you lie to me? LD asks him to listen to him once. Kabir asks him to stay away from Radha. He reminds them about the contract, and says it is signed by Radha herself. Radha is shocked. Kabir says it is written that until she completes 5 films with him, she can’t marry, can’t have any relation, can’t conceive nor deliver a baby also. He asks do you remember Radha.

Sudhakar asks Radha, about her decision to sign the contract. Sudhakar says you didn’t consult me before signing this, and it you have mortgaged your life with him. Shivani comes and says Radha didn’t do this for herself. Radha tries to stop her. Shivani says everyone shall know it. She says whatever she did is for her love, for her LD. She tells to LD that Radha has signed 5 film deal to save the house. She says she used the money to buy the house.

Shivani tells that Radha loves her LD very much and can do anything for him. She mortgaged her everything for her love. Kabir claps and says it has good than his films. Radha stops him and says you have betrayed me. When I signed the contract, you didn’t put that clauses in it. If I have cheated you, then you also haven’t played fair game. Kabir says he is a businessman and knows what to do. He says I am giving your last chance. You will get divorce in 4 weeks and you shall end your relation too, else I will do what you can’t think of. He angrily walks off after looking at LD.

Sudhakar breaks his relation with Radha, and walks off. LD asks Radha, why did you do this for my family. Radha cries and hugs him. LD is surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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