Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sadhna praising Radha and says my health improved since she came back. LD asks her not to have any hope from Radha. Sadhna feels bad as LD can’t see her good side. She says I got the wish to live now. She says Radha will bring the lost happiness and she can only save house unity. Dadi Bua asks Radha, didn’t you think about our prestige. Why did you call us. Banwari asks why did you call us. Murli also shows hatred towards her. Radha thinks they hate me, but one thing keep them united. Jayshree asks what do you want? Radha says she agreed for the partition, but have some questions in mind. Murli asks what is the question? Radha says everything is dividing in partition, but one thing is left. Banwari asks what? Radha says shop. She says it is this house main business.

Jayshree gets annoyed.

Radha asks why are you surprised. I need shop’s part too. Murli says LD didn’t want any thing. Radha says LD left it, but not me. Banwari says we won’t give you. Dadi Bua asks her to take and leave. She says we don’t have anything else for you. Banwari says shop will never be divided. Bhai Saheb will never agree. Radha says you both knows each other well, but then also separating. She says she wants her share in the business too. She asks them to decide and leaves. LD hears everything and is disgusted to know that she asked for the share in the shop. Radha is surprised to see him. LD raises his hand to slap her, but then stops himself. Radha is shocked. LD pushes her on ground. He curses the moment when she came in his life. Radha says I can explain.

LD says you ruined my life, betrayed me, but my heart says something else. He says my mind says you don’t care about others. Radha is hurt by his words. LD says your mind and heart are black. Radha is hurt and cries. Radha says one thing is left and that is love. LD leaves the house angrily. Sadhna tells Radha that LD drives fast in anger. Radha takes the scooty and follows him. LD is driving the car and is drinking wine.

Radha shouts him to stop. LD comes to a house. Radha comes and sees him talking to someone ( face not shown). LD says he is heart broken and worried. He says if you were not there, then I would not have share my pain. Radha wonders who is this lady. LD says whenever he thinks Radha is right, she proves him wrong. He says when your face comes infront of me, I feel relieved. Whenever I am with you, then I feel calm. She has changed, but you please don’t change. Radha is hurt. She thinks there is someone in LD’s life. She thinks who is this girl? She turns and starts walking. She thinks why she is pained. She thinks why I thought that there is no one in his life. She hears LD calling her and smiles. LD also smiles. It was just her imagination.

Suhasini opens the door and finds Kabir. She gets shocked to see him and asks you are here. Kabir asks why you are shocked. Suhasini says if Kabir Kapoor, the superstar comes to anyone’s house then they will be shock. Kabir meets Sudhakar and says he came to give them some news. Sudhakar asks what? Kabir asks them to pack their bags and says we are going to Mathura. Sudhakar asks why? Kabir says we are going to meet Radha. Suhasini says she will be back in few days. Kabir asks them to pack their bags. Sudhakar gets tensed. Kabir thinks they are hiding something. Radha is riding the scooty and thinks about LD taking to someone about her. She drives unconsciously. A car comes from the opposite side.

Radha comes out of Neha’s house and hides. Neha thinks someone was listening to their conversation and looks around.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why there is no repeat telecast of this serial????…pls do something

  2. stupid stupid direction. she was standing there with the door slightly open and hearing all that LD saying, but can’t just move a bit further and see who he is talking to..

    Just only watching LD sitting in the chair and talking to somebody.

    Any person woh just take a look with whom he is talkin..

    Really stupid plot to create the confusion..

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