Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Banwari telling Abhishek that they would have accepted him if he would have told the truth. The real Trikha’s bless Radha and leaves. Radha tells Jhanvi that whatever happens is for good. Jhanvi goes to her room angrily and thinks she needs to talk to Abhi. Neha is holding Abhi’s phone and thinks she can’t let her talk to Abhi. She switches off the phone. Abhishek is worried about Jhanvi, and says he needs to call her. Neha asks him to have patience. Abhishek asks her not to interfere in his life. Neha emotionally blackmails him and asks him to wait for some more time. She thinks Jhanvi have to yearn for your love and then only my plan will be successful. LD thinks about Radha’s changed behavior and thinks before she hurt my feelings. Now she is trying to

unite my family. Radha comes and keeps her hand on his shoulder. She says we have to think what to do now? She says I will take one cigarette smoke. LD says he is not in a mood to joke.

Radha tries to get closer to him. LD says he will not repeat his mistake again. He says I don’t trust you even now, as I couldn’t understand real Radha and can’t be. He says I couldn’t forget the day when Police dragged by family to the police station, on our wedding day. Radha says you will know truth…….LD asks her not to play mind games. Just then she gets Kabir’s call, informing about the film shoot. Radha says she will reach on time. Dada ji calls Pratap, and introduces himself as Sharma. He says I want you return your money. Dada ji asks for his address. Pratap gives the address. Dada ji says he will reach there with money. He thinks he will do all possible means, either right or wrong to know the truth.

Radha wonders where is LD? Jayshree comes. Radha asks her to about Jhanvi. Jayshree says they shall not disturb her now. Jayshree calls Savita and tells that she needs a rich groom for Jhanvi. She says Jhanvi’s dada ji is in vegetable condition, and can die at any time. Dadi Bua asks Jhanvi to wait for some time. Jayshree says people will taunt them if anything goes wrong and hurts Dadi Bua saying she is childless.

Radha prays for family’s happiness, and leaves from the house for film shoot. She wonders where is LD? She sees LD in another car, and sits in her car. Shivani talks to someone and says she is so excited to come back. Kabir calls her and asks to do some work. Shivani tells the lady that she will be back in sometime. Banwari scolds Jayshree for hurting Bua ji. Jayshree is angry and tells Jhanvi to stop crying. She informs that groom’s family is coming to see her. Radha gets dressed as a bride, and asks about the scene. The lady says Kabir asked us to make you look like a most beautuful bride of the world. Radha is surprised.

Radha gets up to talk to Kabir and sees LD standing infront of her. LD recalls their marriage, seeing her dressed up as a bride. Radha asks are you fine? LD says yes and goes. Radha looks for Kabir. Kabir comes to her and asks her not to say anything. He says I want to see you something and holds her hand. LD looks on.

LD tells Dada ji that Radha sacrificed for them and asks if she really loves me even now then why she asked for a divorce. Radha is seen marrying Kabir on the film set.

Update Credit to: Amena

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