Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha worrying about the electricity and hopes LD brings some electrician soon. She talks to Chameli to check if Shambu brought the candles. She gets candles. It seems Jayshree kept the candles there. Radha says she will check the soup. Jayshree gets worried and thinks she would have made the raita. LD thanks Raju electrician.

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Raju says I would come to your house even if you call me at midnight, what can be the problem, as every home has light, I will get on this pole and check. LD says he will help him. LD goes. Dada ji goes to that man and says he has got another person to get the electricity

and says Guru Maa has come, take your mother there, she will be fine. The man thanks him and leaves. Dada ji thinks this house to be in darkness tonight, so that it does not get into darkness forever. Radha says our hardwork will go waste, if light does not come. LD comes to her and she asks him to help her, as she promised Sadhna she will win the test. LD says calm down, you will win this time.

Radha misses Suhasini in this situation. LD asks Chameli for the stairs and says Radha light will come soon, keep doing the work. Dada ji lights the diya and says even Lord Krishna has done this to make the truth win. He justifies his decision and prays to Lord. LD sees Raju gone and thinks to do something himself. LD checks the wires. Dada ji comes there and looks on. LD prays to Kanha ji and says my Radha has to win this test, I m ready to do anything. Dada ji says Leela Dhar and worries. LD gets sparks and Dada ji asks him to come back. LD says wait, its few mins work, I will join wires and power will come. Dada ji says if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself.

The people ask LD to come down. LD does not hear. Dada ji asks the people to come down. Jayshree hear Dada ji shouting and goes to see. LD joins the wires and light comes. Radha thanks LD. Ld says I will cover the wires with tape and come. Jayshree is shocked seeing LD. She asks him to get down, is he mad to risk his life. She says he can do anything for Radha, he has gone crazy in love. LD says I can’t cover tape because of gloves and removes gloves.

LD gets electric shock, while Sadhna is away. Chameli tells Radha about LD fixing the wires. Radha runs to see him. LD falls down and Dada ji shouts his name. Radha too gets stunned seeing him. Sadhna opens her eyes saying Leela Dhar. Govind calls for doctor and everyone take LD inside the house. Dada ji is in shock as he is responsible for this. They all try to make LD conscious and Sadhna comes asking what happened to him.

Jayshree says LD got the electric shock. Radha says please LD get up. Dada ji says it happened because of him, and cries standing far. Radha checks his breath and says its dropping. They all get worried. Radha asks them to move back and pumps his heart. LD does not respond. Radha says wake up LD and cries. Sadhna beats LD and asks him to get up. Dadi Bua and rest of the family also joins them.
Sadhna sits and cries. Radha says this happened because of me, sorry LD. She calms down and gives him mouth to mouth respiration. Dada ji closes his eyes. Everyone turn their face. Radha tries to revive LD and gives him necessary breathing aid. Ld coughs and gets conscious. Everyone get a sigh of relief and smile. Radha says LD is fine. Sadhna thanks Lord. Jayshree says doctor came. The doctor checks LD.

He says the shock was of high voltage, don’t know how he survived, it’s a miracle, he is out of danger, anyone would have died when heart stops, and in such case, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is imp, and it became possible by Radha’s efforts, else LD would have died, well done. He gives prescription and leaves. Sadhna thanks Radha for saving LDs life. Dada ji cries and cries and Govind asks him not to worry.

Sadhna asks LD does he want anything, take rest. LD says Dada ji sorry. Dada ji weeps more. Govind says we will talk tomorrow, take rest. Dada ji feels guilty and leaves crying. Radha looks at LD. Mere Rang Mein…… musical plays…………….. LD looks at Radha.

Dadi Bua asks Radha what did she make, and shows noodles. Radha shows the food she made. Dadi Bua says do you know who is coming to our home today, Guru Maa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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