Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha trying to hold the fallen door. LD turns and looks at Radha. Neha smiles evilly. LD holds the door and asks Radha to move from the way. Radha sees blood coming out from LD’s hand. It falls on her maang. LD makes the door stand on the wall. Radha shows concern towards him. LD refuses her help and leaves. Radha looks at her maang with LD’s blood and thinks their destiny is saying something which they don’t have to listen. Shivani sees Kabir’s 5 miss calls and gets worried. She thinks what to do and gets an idea. She thinks she will pretend to lose memory to escape Kabir’s anger. Then thinks she has to face Kabir anyhow. She thinks to do something. Kabir looks at his film poster with Radha and gets angry. He thinks you had run away from here. He gets

someone’s phone call. He asks about Radha and says where is my heroine. He says time has come for her to return. Shyamali is teary eyed. Radha says we will eat food together. Shyamali refuses. Radha says she made her favorite sabzi and asks her to eat. Shyamali asks her, why did you do that? Radha asks what? Shyamali says when LD loves you so much, then why did you leave him and went. Radha recalls Dada ji and Rakesh’s words. Shyamali asks didn’t your heart feel pain to leave LD. Radha says her story is very long and complicated. She will tell her later. Shyamali says my heart wants to trust you, but mind needs clarification. Radha gets thinking.

Suhasini calls Radha and asks how are you? Radha says she is fine and asks about her? Suhasini cries and asks why are you doing this. Please don’t do it. Radha says you knew answer well. Suhasini says she is worried about her. Radha asks her not to worry. Suhasini says Kabir is asking about you. Radha says I has decided to fulfill my duty and won’t step back now. Suhasini reminds her about other’s duty too and asks her to decide. Radha says bye and disconnects the call. Later Radha thinks she can’t tell anything to Shyamali. She sees LD coming to the room after bathing. Radha asks him to maintain decency. LD says it is his room and asks her to close eyes. Radha says it is my room too. LD says you came here with your wish and can go also, just bear it. Radha says it is not easy for her and she is bearing. LD says so you are bearing. Radha says yes. LD says you entered my bedroom, and sharing my bed and bathroom. He gets close to her and asks her to act with her husband. Radha looks at him. LD takes the pillow and tells he don’t want to see her face. He asks her to decide, where she wants to sleep. Radha sleeps on the floor. LD gets up and sees her sleeping. He switches off the lights and continue to look at her. Radha sleeps. LD gets up and covers her with blanket. Radha wakes up. LD tells he don’t have time if she gets ill. Radha smiles and hugs the blanket. She says thank you LD.

In the morning, Radha comes to Dada ji’s room and closes the door. Dada ji sees her and says Radha. Radha gets emotional and says Dada ji. Dada ji tries to get up, but couldn’t. He signs her to sit. Radha sits on his bed side and holds his hand. Neha tells Jayshree that Radha won’t let them stay peacefully until she is at home. Jayshree says she has broken the home with british’s divide and rule. Neha says LD won’t come in Radha’s words. Radha says I know you won’t accept me as bahu of this house, but trust me…..I didn’t come here to show any right on this house. I have promised to bring old LD back to you. Dada ji gets emotional. Radha says your home needs old LD back then only this partition will stop. This house needs to unite. She asks for his blessings to unite the family members. Neha eats nonstop while Jayshree tells about her conspiracy. She says she won’t let Radha win. Neha says Radha is very clever and they have to conspire against her. Radha asks Dada ji to bless her to fail the conspiracy and says I won’t let your house break. I am entering the chakravyu and needs your blessings. Dada ji says yes and blesses her happily. Radha thanks him.

Jayshree asks what else do you want? Radha says she wants shop, which is main business and says she needs it shares too. Everyone look shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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