Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD complaining to Inspector about Radha’s kidnapping and tells about the theft a day before. Neha gives shagun coin to Abhishek and tells that she couldn’t make it to roka. Abhishek plans to show their place. Neha gives her pen with camera and says she wants to see the roka ceremony. Once they leave, she thinks she is ready with her master plan. Jayshree thinks everyone would have given jewellery to Jhanvi, if she was Sadhna’s daughter. Dadi Bua comes and gives many jewellery to her, saying she got it made for her since her birth. She tells that she will get her married grandly. Radha wants to go somewhere, LD stops her. She thinks what to do? Abhishek and his family come to Chaturvedi Nivas.

Banwari and Jayshree attend them and praise their hospitality

at Ratangarh. Abhishek looks for Jhanvi. Neha comes up with some plan. Jhanvi comes and is praised by her inlaws. They look at her jewellery. Panditji starts the rituals for roka and asks to keep shagun coin in Abhishek’s hand. Radha stops Pandit ji and asks them to wait for 10 mins. Dada ji thinks there might be something. LD asks what is the matter. Radha says her guest have to come. Jayshree taunts Radha and asks her not to halt her daughter’s roka. Dadi Bua asks Banwari to give coin in Abhishek’s hand, and make him their Jamai. Radha says her guest have come and asks to stop the engagement for a while. Neha thinks what is Radha’s new drama. Radha brings her guest and introduces them. The guests introduce themselves. Neha sees on cam and thinks Radha has ruined her plan.

Banwari asks if you people are Manoj’s relative. They guest say we don’t know them. We are real trustees for the trust. Radha ji called us, as someone is trapping you by using our name. LD asks Radha to say. Radha says they are not Manoj and Ratna Trikha. She says she has a doubt on them from before. A flashback is shown. Radha says she thought to check their background, and she called her Mama. She asks him to enquire about Trikha. A flashback is shown, her mama tells that Trikha has just come from London and have a small family. Radha is shocked to know as Manoj and Ratna are fooling them.

Jayshree says she will kick them with chappals. The real Trikha say that they will file a police complaint. Ratna and Manoj apologize to them and say they did this for money. Jayshree tells Jhanvi that Abhishek betrayed them. Abhishek says they are not my mummy papa. He tells he loves Jhanvi and didn’t have any other way to get her. Radha asks what nonsense. Why did you lie? Abhishek says I had to lie as I knew that Jhanvi’s family will not accept an orphan.

Radha tells Jhanvi that Abhishek is not right for her. Jhanvi goes to her room cryingly. LD looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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