Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shyamali crying in her room and recalling Murli’s words that he will rectify his mistake and gives wifey rights to Neha. Shyamali couldn’t bear any longer and takes out knife to cut her wrist. Sudhakar reads the newspaper and shows Radha’s pic to Suhasini. She gets shocked and hopes Kabir didn’t see it. Sudhakar asks her to talk to Radha. He prays Kabir shall not see the photo. Kabir talks on phone and then opens the newspaper. He doesn’t see the pic and gets down his car. Shyamali is about to cut her wrist, but just then Radha comes and stops her. Shyamali says Murli threw her out of his life like a mosquito. Radha says you loves him a lot. Shyamali says it doesn’t matter. Radha says Neha is a fraud and she doesn’t love Murli. I won’t let her take

your place. Shyamali says he doesn’t understand my love. Radha asks her to fight for her love and make Murli realize her love. She assures her support and says Murli have to accept you. Shyamali says love can’t be forced. Radha asks her not to leave Murli and says he needs you at this moment. She asks her to sit with Murli during the pooja.

Everyone sit for Puja. Radha brings Shyamali to hall for Pooja. Shyamali sits beside Murli. Murli is irked. Radha smiles. Jayshree starts her acting and says wife looks good with husband. Sadhna thinks where is Radha going and calls her. Radha is in dilemma thinking what to do. Sadhna says Pandit ji asked all the couples to sit for Pooja. Radha says but. Sadhna tells that no one can take her right. Radha says okay and sits for pooja wearing saree pallu. LD gets uncomfortable and moves a little away from her.

Kabir is in the office. Someone comes and says he is not getting in touch with Radha. Kabir asks him to call Shivani and fix the meeting. He says Radha is in Mathura. That man says he read in the newspaper and shows it. Kabir reads the newspaper and is shocked and angry. He throws the newspaper. The man says you didn’t know about it. Kabir fumes and calls Shivani and Radha, but their phone is on silent mode. Kabir gets irked and throws the phone. He says where the hell are you Radha.

Pandit ji asks to throw the ingredients in the holy fire, holding each other hands. Radha and LD fulfill the ritual. Radha smiles looing at him. Mere Rang Me plays………….LD looks angrily. Sadhna prays to Kanha ji for their togetherness. Neha enters the house as an old servant. She eyes Murli and Shyamali and goes inside. Jayshree sees her going and thinks she came back. (She knows old servant is Neha). She signs her to go inside.

Neha says I will not let Radha win and will never spare her. She gets an idea. All the couples take Dada ji’s blessings. Radha and LD come toward Dada ji. LD takes his blessings. Radha thinks I need Dada ji’s blessings, but the people here don’t think that I deserves it. She slips her phone intentionally and takes Dada ji’s blessings. Dada ji tries to bless her and prays Kanha to give her strength to save their home. Neha comes to washroom and unscrews the door to hurt Radha. She says it is my turn now and your turn will never come. Shyamali thanks Radha. Radha says I am always with you.

Sadhna comes. Shyamali and Radha take her blessings. Shyamali hugs Sadhna and gets tears in her eyes. Jayshree and Neha look at them. Sadhna apologizes to Shyamali. Jayshree asks Shyamali to take the prasad. She throws it on Radha intentionally and asks her to wash her saree. Neha smirks. Jayshree signs her and smiles. Radha and LD come to open the door. Neha waits anxiously. Radha says she needs to change. LD says I need to go to loo. Radha asks him to go and she will go later. LD goes and comes back. He gets a call so he leaves. Neha waits anxiously. Radha goes inside and changes her clothes. She opens the door and it falls on her. She calls for LD and Sadhna. Neha smiles victoriously.

Radha asks Shyamali to taste her dish. Shyamali asks why did you leave LD that day and asks for the reason. Radha is sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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