Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha is angry and fuming and recalls the FBs of LD ruining her lehenga…just then her father calls…and he told her that Radha will stand out the best in her outift…she looks very gorgeous in that outfit…and always remember that his daughter is a winner…she can never loose…Radha becomes emotional…she then tells her father that the function is going to start soon thus she has to go now and disconnect the phone…Radha is angry and told her friend that she will teach LD a lesson…he ruined the outfit that her father bought for her with love…and now she can’t go back and change too because her father will be hurt…her friend ask what she is going to do now…Radha is sad and confused…she told her friend that this function would have lead her to direct admission into

drama school and also with the winning amount she can pay Roopa’s school fees and everything is ruined due to LD…than an idea struck her…she left for the function…

LD is with his friends…and the teacher are getting them ready for the function…just than her teacher ask for Radha…she came with her group of friends and her teacher was shocked to see her outfit ruined…and ask her what has happened…Radha was silent…the teacher remind her that she is show stopper of the function…how will she appear on stage now when her outfit is ruined…LD and his friends starts teasing Radha…she gets angry but control herself…their teacher stops LD and his friends from teasing Radha further…Radha than suggest an idea…someone else can be show stopper…the teacher agrees with her suggestion…and she ask who can do it…than the teacher turns to LD to be the show stopper…he refused at first but then Radha provoke him…and his friends tells him that its a challenge and he needs to accept it and taunts Radha…LD-Radha are back with their argument and he tells the teacher that he will be the show stopper…Radha gave a smirk…the teacher ask abt the outfit being ready for LD…which Radha says that the outfit is ready but then its needs to be iron…the teacher ask her to iron LD’s outfit…at first she refused than she accepts the decision of ironing LD’s outfit…LD feels proud that once again he succeed in irritating Radha…while Radha has some other plans going on in her mind…

The function started(Fashion(Film)them music used as background score) with ramp walk…the scene shift towards changing room…LD ask Radha to hurry up as the function as started…Radha purposely iron his outfit in snail pace…LD is getting impatient…just then Radha says that the outfit is ready and he can wear it…LD wears his outfit…and Radha engage him with sweet conversation regarding his outfit and paste a paper behind is back…what was written in it was unknown…the function was going on…and LD made an appearance as the show stopper…everyone starts laughing at him and calls him LeelaRani and Radha smirking…LD is confused and wondering what is happening…just than one of model pulls the paper out from his back and showed it to LD…he was very angry to see Radha tricked him and make fun of his name in the paper and paste it on his back to humiliate him in public…everyone was teasing him in public…LD is furious…and Radha gives him a smirk which fumes LD further as he was humiliated in public

The scene shifts to Renuka-Radha…she told Radha that they fight like immature kids…and whatever happened was immature…she told Radha to ask her heart whether what she did was right or wrong…Radha regrets her mistake…she further ask Radha what happened

Radha was leaving the college when LD stops her at the stairs and they quarrel abt what happened in the function…Radha tells him that…its tit for that…he humiliate him in public and ruined her outfit thus she did the same with him…humiliate him in the public and spoils his show…LD gets angry…and Radha starts running away from him…LD chases Radha all over the college than she hides in girls toilet…LD waits for her outside the toilet and he feels embarrass…LD says he will not go away till she comes out…which Radha says that this is a girls toilet and him being a men standing outside a girls toilet makes him look like a pervert…and the principal will definitely question him…once again they quarrel…LD says at least he has manners…unlike her who was rude to elders and did not even apologise for mistake…Radha gets emotional and goes into FBs when she saw LD going inside his flat lobby being all sad because his family went back to Mathura…and then also the letter she wrote for LD’s grandpa…LD snaps back her to reality and ask her to come out from the toilet if she has guts and face him…Radha comes out from toilet…and she ran again…LD chases her and they stop at the terrace of their college…Radha says its enough now…they have fought and humiliate each other alot…and she is tired now…its time for them now to move on…LD agrees…and told her to stay away from him…and both parted ways

The scene once again shift to Renuka-Radha and her friend…Renuka was laughing at their antics…just then her friend confess that she too was one reason why LD-Radha quarrel again…Renuka ask what did she do…Radha’s friend confess to her mother(Renuka)that LD took away her burger thus she used Radha and took revenge on him…Renuka was surprised by her daughter’s behaviour and told her that since when she was kept hungry…which her daughter says that LD took away her burger and she is very possessive abt her burger…Renuka ask her daughter…what happened next

The scene shifts to LD’s colony…Radha’s friend brings her to LD’s colony…Radha ask her why is she brining her to LD’s colony…which her friend replies that she wants to take revenge from LD for the burger issue…Radha says enough is enough…she doesn’t want to see LD’s face again which always leads to a quarrel by both side…her friend says that there is a new cook appointed in LD’s house from Mathura…and she is going to taste all the food made by the Mathura’s cook…in short to say…she is going to mess up LD’s lunch and dinner…Radha stops her…but in vain…they reach LD’s flat and ring the door bell…LD opens the door and was shocked to see Radha and her friend in his doorstep…LD-Radha stares at each other

Precap: LD-Radha Accidental Marriage Promo

Update Credit to: Mages

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