Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Murli stopping the pandit ji and bringing his girl friend inside the house. He holds her hand and tells Neha will sit with him instead of Shyamali. Everyone get shocked. Govind asks how dare you come with your illegal affair and asks Neha isn’t she ashamed. Neha says that’s why she didn’t want to come. Murli says I brought her here and she will sit with me in the puja. Sadhna asks how can you sit with her, when your wife is here. Murli blames Sadhna for getting him married to Shyamali. He says I don’t love her. Dada ji and Dadi Bua are shocked. Murli blames Sadhna for doing partiality with him. He says I will rectify all my mistakes and will give wifey rights to Neha. Shyamali is heart broken. LD looks angry and controls his anger. Sadhna asks what happened.

Murli asks her to shut up and asks not to provoke him to cross the limits. Sadhna gets shocked and faints.

Govind shouts at Murli. LD and Radha hold Sadhna. LD asks him to stop it. Murli asks when you are allowing Radha to stay in the house, then why can’t Neha stay. Govind asks him not to give LD’s example and says they are living together for divorce. Murli says why can’t we sit for puja. LD asks him not to stretch the matter. Murli says you can’t listen against Radha. He blames him for staying with Radha in the room. He badmouths about Radha’s character. LD says you are crossing your limits now. He says you knows well why Radha came back. She is legally my wife, I would not have allowed her to come. He asks what is your relation with Neha. LD says I can’t stoop to your level. Neha interferes and asks Murli not to fight with his family for her. She starts her acting. Murli looks angrily at LD. Shyamali feels pain in her head. Radha rushes to her and gives water.

The lawyers come there. Banwari asks you are here now. Dadi Bua gets worried. The lawyer says I came to meet Radha. Dada ji tries to know why did they come. The lawyer says unless you gets the divorce, you will get your rights in the partition. We need your permission too. Dada ji gets shocked. The lawyers asking her to sign on the papers if she agrees for partition else the partition can’t happen. Everyone is shocked. The lawyers give legal documents asking her read and then call them. Radha takes the documents. She turns towards her family and refuses to sign on the documents. Dada ji takes a sign of relief. Banwari orders her to sign. Govind says we need the partition and you can’t take the decisions. Radha says I can until I am bahu of this house. She says if you wants me to sign then Neha have to leave from this house right now.

Radha says only real members, legal members will participate in the puja and not fake members. She asks Murli to drop Neha till the door. Murli holds Neha’s hand and stands still. Jayshree interferes and starts her acting. She whispers to him to solve this matter later. She asks Neha to get out. Neha smirks and says she can’t see all this. She says I can’t see your family broken and asks him to let her go. Murli refuses. Radha says okay, anyways I really don’t agree with this partition, so I will tear it. She opens the documents. Jayshree curses Radha and thinks she is stopping the partition. Neha looks at her. Radha is about to tear the papers, but stops seeing Murli leaving Neha’s hand. Neha feels insulted and leaves. Radha thinks she came to unite the family and bring old LD back.

Radha comes out of house and gives the papers to lawyer after signing. The lawyers say they will start the formalities. Radha turns and sees Neha standing behind her. Neha says today you made me leave from this house, but I will come back and get you a ticket to Mumbai. Radha asks her to leave as this house is Chaturvedis. Neha says let’s see who wins. Radha says you are a good actor. Neha laughs. She says I will get your Mumbai ticket, business class and promises her. Radha asks her to think wisely and return her quietly. Neha stares her. Radha comes inside the house and closes the door. Neha looks angrily.

Sadhna tells Radha that Pandit ji asked all the couples to sit together. Radha sits beside LD. LD feels uncomfortable and moves far from her. Kabir reads in the newspaper about Radha getting harassed in Mathura and throws the newspaper in anger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. all problems are becoz of Jayshree….hoping for the good episode …….

  2. Ld and radha u cute yoj both are.i hate murali,and devil neha ..

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