Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD scolding Radha and asking why did she do this in the market, who told her to do this. Radha gets teary eyed. He says what if anything happened to you. She looks at him and he changes his words, saying this small city is not for her now, she has become big name, she should leave. Radha gets a call from inspector that the girl they are finding is with them. The girl Neha asks inspector why did they get her here by raid, who is this Radha. He asks why did you run by back door. She says I was not at home.

She says my maid told me, I was not at home. Radha comes with LD and says she will answer her. Neha says are you Radha, you are supermodel, I can’t believe it, you are celebrity, what problem do you have, did you complaint against me. Radha asks why did

she lie and come in her villa. Shivani says she has done fake messages too and tried to harm her. Radha asks what does she want from her and LD. Neha says I know you are heroine, and have power and money, I would have not come here if I did wrong.

Shivani says you have seen the sketch matches with this girl. Neha says I don’t know why Radha is trapping me, maybe she has enmity with Mathrura people. Radha nods no to LD. She asks where was she at night, whats guarantee that she was at home. Murli comes and says its my guarantee. He holds her hand. Murli calls Radha fraud and scolds her. He says he was with Neha that night. Jayshree praises Kabir and sees his film. She gets a call from Rakesh and talks to him.

He says he called to get money from her. She scolds him and he asks her to talk with respect, as he has her secret which can make her leave Mathura, he will keep mouth shut till she gives money. Jayshree sees Banwari and gets tensed. He asks with whom is she talking. She says with my friend Ganga. He says fine, talk later, get tea for me. He leaves. Murli scolds Radha and says I know what can Neha do and what she can’t. Radha asks LD to trust her as Neha has sent goons to kill her.

LD says she has nothing to prove. She asks Murli can he prove that he was with Neha that night. Murli gets tensed. Shivani says now what will he lie. Jayshree says she will help Shyamli. Sadhna sees Govind angry and Dadi Bua asks them not to fight.

Dadi Bua ji asks Sadhna to get LD. Sadhna thinks where is LD, Dada ji will wish to see him. Murli says I was with Neha, I will get proof. Neha says no need, they will not change whatever we say. Radha cries and LD looks on. Murli says how is Radha to ask for proof, she is heroine and drama is in her blood. She says we have seen her family acting, and fed up now. LD says enough now. Murli says great LD, you are still supporting Radha who has ruined our family. LD says please, don’t create any issue now. Murli argues and scolds him.

Sadhna calls LD and says Dada ji is coming, if he sees his family is not together, he will feel bad. He says he is coming. Jayshree says she will call Murli, as he will not take Sadhna’s call. Murli scolds Radha and LD fumes. Neha asks inspector to arrest her, as the brothers are fighting because of her. Murli says no, Radha has to take complaint back. Neha smiles. LD asks Radha to take complaint back. Radha says what. LD says its my family, I will manage. Dada ji comes and Dai Bua takes care of him. She says I know you are waiting for LD and Murli Dhar. Jayshree lies to them. Radha takes the complaint back. They are on the way. Shivani asks Radha why did she let Neha go.

Radha says let it be, I will not let her harm anyone, even if LD does not support her. LD says no need to do all this, if he cares for him, don’t come infront of Dada ji, he came home after a long time. Everyone wait for LD at home. LD and Radha come home. Radha cries seeing the family. She says Dada ji. Jayshree asks Murli and Shyamli to sit in havan. Dadi Bua asks pandit ji to start havan. Murli says wait a min and brings Neha along, shocking everyone.

Govind scolds Murli. Murli says I got her, I will give my wife’s right to Neha. Shyamli cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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