Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sadhna explaining to Neha about something. Radha thinks Neha have to prove that she is a perfect bahu of the house. Sadhna tells Neha that they will not ask her to cook anything, and asks her to serve the dishes and sweets to the family members according to their preference. Neha gets confused. Jayshree thinks she will make Neha work as she wants to become bahu of the house. Radha tells Neha to bring rotis for Shyamali, and says she is going to her room. Jhanvi goes without having food. LD looks at her. Neha serves food to the men of the house. Radha tells Shyamali to let Neha become Murli’s wife for some days, and she will understand a wife’s duties. She says even Murli will realize his mistake and see her true face. She promises to get her rights back

and makes her eat. LD comes to Jhanvi, and asks will you have food if I beat Abhishek. Jhanvi says sorry and says she didn’t know how she did a mistake.

LD says you did it unintentionally and asks her to smile. He makes her eat food. Neha imagines sitting like a queen, and Radha giving her house papers, keys and 7 crores of money before going. Neha opens the bag and looks at the money. She says she will rule on this house, and has become owner. She murmurs in sleep, Sadhna wakes her up. Neha asks what happened? Sadhna tells her about morning aarti and asks her to wake up. She asks her to take bath and come down. Neha wonders how the chaturvedis wake up early in the morning and do the aarti. Sadhna does the aarti, and asks Radha to give it to Dada ji too. She asks Murli to stand beside Neha, and takes out evil eye from them. Murli is surprised. Sadhna says her happiness lies in his happiness.

Radha searches for the pendrive to get Jhanvi’s MMS in Neha’s bag. Sadhna tells Neha that she is giving elder daughter’s rights to Neha. Jayshree says but…….Sadhna says Radha will leave the house, so Neha have to handle everything. Neha says she will take care of everything. Sadhna gives her kitchen responsibility and asks her to clean the house also. Neha is shocked. Sadhna asks her to take care of Murli Dhar. Neha says she will take care. Sadhna asks Neha to make bhog ka halwa in the morning, and gives salary to the servants. Neha thinks if I have to do all this. Sadhna says as Murli believes that you are better than Shyamali, I hope that you can prove yourself better. She thinks Murli realize his mistake and understand Shyamali’s goodness. Abhishek comes to Radha and shows the pendrive. He tells did you think it is so easy. He says my sister is not stupid, else she would not have made you dance on her tune. Neha comes clapping her hand, and threatens Radha to leak the MMS.

Neha tells Abhishek, you did it right. Keep eye on Radha always. Abhishek says no one can touch you until I am here. Someone calls Neha and she leaves. Radha is calling her parents and thinks they didn’t pick the call since 2 days. She thinks if her parents doesn’t understand her then who will understand her. LD comes there, asks her not to smile and show teeth. Radha smiles. LD says you did smile, it means you are trapped. Radha smiles. LD says I know you are tensed thinking about your family. He says he will help her. He tells her some idea to make Murli realize his mistake. Radha says not bad.

Jhanvi tells she is tensed, and says you are paying for my mistake. Radha says she is searching for that MMS. Jhanvi says if Neha shows that MMS to all the family members. LD hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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