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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha seeing speedy car coming towards Dada ji and saves him at the nick of time. She asks are you fine? Dada ji says I did a big mistake. Everything is ruined. I am guilty and apologizes. Radha cries and tells him that elders should bless and not apologizes. Dada ji says you are talking so maturely. I thought of you wrong. I will rectify my mistake and will accept my crime, then you or my family will bear the troubles. Radha asks him not to do this. Dada ji says I have to tell the truth to save everyone. Radha asks him to think whether he wants to save his family or put them in trouble. Jayshree tells that neighbors are badmouthing about their family. Maasi ji and Dadi bua asks her not to think about it, but rather call Banwari and enquire about Dada ji. She says

she will call Banwari. Jhanvi cries.

Jayshree asks her to take care of Dadi bua and others. Radha requests him not to tell anything to anyone, especially LD. Dada ji asks what are you saying. Radha says you are hero for him. He couldn’t bear the truth. He worships you. He will be broken. She says all the family members will be broken. Dada ji says if truth didn’t come out in open, then LD will think you wrong. Radha says I am only a guest and will return as a guest. She tells that her chacha’s are playing the game. She asks him to agree to her sayings and folds her hands. Dada ji looks at her.

Rakesh calls Jayshree and tells that everything is happening as per your plan. Evil Jayshree laughs and asks him to tell in short. She says she will eat the sweets. Rakesh says Dada ji told everything to Radha. Jayshree says I know them very well. Radha will take the blame, or old man will accept the crime. Whole Chaturvedi family will be broken. LD’s heart will be broken and everything will be finished. She tells that if old man’s truth comes out in open then everyone will blame him. She asks him to leave from there.

Radha tells that she knows about her last step. Dada ji looks at her and feels very low infront of her. Shambu comes. Radha asks him to take Dada ji home. Dada ji looks at Radha and faints. Radha goes inside the Police station.

Murli asks Govind not to worry as everything will be fine. Inspector says they are in shock. Radha comes and says I want to tell something. She tells that all the blame of Chaturvedi family is baseless. She tells that the complaint is fake and I filed this complaint intentionally. LD asks what are you saying? Have you gone mad?

Jayshree praises herself and says thanks to that camera I came to know Dada ji’s planning. She recalls seeing the camera footage during sangeet. She gets shocked knowing about Dada ji’s planning with Rakesh. She then recalls Dada ji accepting Radha. She then gives Sudhakar’s money to Rakesh and asks him to continue the planning and says instead of old man, Govind and his family members will go to jail. Jayshree thinks she can take breathe now.

Radha tells the Inspector that she filed the complaint intentionally. The Inspector asks her to write the statement and sign. LD asks her not to do this. Radha signs on the statement. Shyamali asks Radha not to sign. She asks the Inspector to release them. The Inspector asks the constable to arrest Radha and free the rest. LD asks her to listen to him. Sadhna asks what have you done? They will put you in jail. What we will tell to Suhasini. Govind is in shock. Sadhna asks LD to make her explain. She says my heart is saying that you can’t do anything. Radha turns to go. Sadhna says I know you can’t do this. LD holds her hand and nods no. Radha cries and takes her hand back. Sadhna asks her to tell something. LD asks why you are sacrificing for us, atleast tell me. Radha asks him to be with Dada ji now, as he needs him more. She turns to go inside the lock up and cries. LD asks her not to worry as he will return and take her back. Radha cries.

Dada ji gets paralysed. Dadi bua asks what did happen to him. Doctor says he got paralysis attack. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. They used to show it at 1.30 in afternoon before the starting of the recent new shows..

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