Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua reading Ramayan. Jayshree thinks don’t know what this old woman assigns us to do. Dadi bua says she will tell. She tells Sadhna to prepare Radha for tomorrow test. She says Dada ji called some guests over dinner. Radha have to cook the food and even serve it alone. We will be going to Guru Maa’s pravachan. Sadhna says tomorrow. Dadi Bua says yes. Jayshree thinks about visiting Guru Maa before, in a flashback. Guru Maa asks her to rest if she can’t concentrate. Jayshree says she wants to sit like this forever. Guru Maa asks her to live life like her for the next seven days. She gets shocked. She tells Dadi Bua that she will stay at home and take care. Dadi Bua says we all will go. She tells Sadhna that this is Radha’s last chance. Sadhna assures

her. She says Radha can make food of her choice.

In the night, LD is seen sitting at Sadhna’s bed side and thinks he couldn’t sleep entire night. Sadhna wakes up at 4 am and asks why you are here. LD says he can’t sleep as his mum is angry. He shows the paper with sorry written 100 times. Sadhna says there is a difference between your childhood mistake and today’s. LD says you knew me very well. If you don’t talk to me then I feel very bad. I am really sorry. Radha comes and asks Sadhna to forgive him as he is genuinely sorry. Sadhna forgives and hugs him. Radha smiles. Sadhna hugs Radha too. She asks her to pass the test anyhow as this is the last chance to prove herself. She says I always supported you as I have full faith on you. Radha says yes. They leave. Govind looks on.

Dadi Bua tells Dada ji that she has informed everyone about going to hear the parvachan. She says we have to do the other work too. Dada ji asks her to be careful. Jayshree thinks something black in the pulses. Dada ji opens the door and sees Jayshree.

Sadhna takes Radha to the kitchen and asks her to be careful. Shymali asks Radha to check the oil before cooking. Radha says she will check. Sadhna says we won’t be with you. She asks Shambu and Chameli to help Radha. Chameli says she has to be with Dadi Bua. Jayshree asks her to stay at home. Sadhna gets suspicious. Jayshree asks Radha to win the hearts of the guests. She says we have to reach it on time else Guru Mata will get angry. Radha asks where is she? Jayshree says we will tell you later. Sadhna tells Radha about Guru Mata. Radha looks on.

Dadi Bua and everyone reach the parvachan place. Dadi Bua gives money to some chef and asks him to bring the food. Jayshree wonders why she is making Radha cook the food then if she is ordering the food. Dadi Bua looks at her and asks her to come infront of her. She tells Jayshree that she can’t trust on Radha’s food and that’s why ordered food. She asks her to go.

Suhasini gives water to Sudhakar and says we don’t have anything to show as guarantee. What we will do as Lawyer refused to help us. Sudhakar says he has become helpless. Suhasini says we have to come out of this problem. Suhasini says we shall leave now. She says she is worried about Radha and her heart is shaking. She hopes everything is fine. Radha smells everything to check the flavour. She thinks she will make the food of her choice. She tries to take some box. LD helps her. They have an eye lock. Dadi Bua signs Dada ji. Jayshree looks at them and thinks old man is also involved in this planning. Radha gets down. LD says no need to thanks. No Sorry, no thanks in love. Radha says it is in friendship. LD asks are you friends? Radha says she will think and then inform after 2-3 days. She asks him to leave as she needs to pass the test. She asks him to go to the shop and work. LD smiles and thinks she is talking like a wife. She cares for me, but doesn’t say by mouth.

Dadi Bua waits for someone. Jayshree hides and keeps a watch on her. Dadi Bua gives money to a man and asks him to cut the electricity in the evening. Jayshree thinks they are planning to make Radha fail in the test. She thinks it will be good. She then thinks if Radha goes, then old man will start ruling on us again. She thinks what to do? Whether to expose Dadi Bua or let Radha fail.

Someone cuts the electricity. Radha burns her hand accidently while in darkness. LD lights the lighter and goes to check the electricity box. He starts to shake. Radha gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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