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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD getting tired after doing 100 plus situps for getting the apology. Dada ji doesn’t open the door and is tensed in his room. Jayshree thinks old man’s stubborness will be heavy on LD. LD falls down. Everyone rush to her. Dada ji finally opens the door and sees him on floor. He holds him and asks to stop. In his room, LD wipes his sweat and tells Dada ji that I knows that you can’t see me in pain. Dada ji says you can hurt me. You did wrong. I am shocked and upset with your move. Didn’t you think about me, and your parents. LD sits on the ground and says he had taken that decision thinking about their family. He asks him to think what would have happen if Radha went alone. Her family might have thought that Mathura people left her alone. He says you

taught me always never to let any promise break. I will not leave Radha. Dada ji is shocked.

Dadi bua tells everyone that Govind clearly said that Radha can’t stay here anymore. Sadhna says sorry and says Radha won’t leave. She says we didn’t do anything wrong. We have faith on Radha. She didn’t do any mistake this time. Radha says I don’t want any tension or misunderstanding to happen between you and Sadhna. I can’t leave without proving my innocence. LD asks Dada ji to accept Radha. Dada ji asks are you done? He says I understood now that my right is shared now. My grand son didn’t think before leaving this house. Sadhna says everyone does mistakes and we always forgive each other. She asks if Jhanvi does this mistake, then what we will do? Dadi Bua says Radha failed in the first test itself. Sadhna says Radha was asked to make so many dishes, with troubles around her. She looks at Jayshree. She asks Dadi Bua to give a chance to Radha for her sake. Dadi Bua nods in a no. Dada ji comes and says yes.

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He asks Dadi Bua to give a last chance to Radha. He continues that he don’t want anyone to raise a question on his decision and that’s why he is giving liberty to Radha to make food of her choice. He says some outsiders will judge her cooking skills. If she fails in the test then she have to leave this house immediately. My decision will be final and hopes that everyone agree with this decision. Radha agrees. Jayshree blesses Radha. Radha thanks her. Sadhna looks on.

Suhasini looks at the coin and says it was the same coin which my mother gave you on our engagement day. She then sees the bangles given by Sudhakar’s mum when Radha was born. Sudhakar says sorry for the mistake. Suhasini gets Radha’s call. She talks to her happily. LD thinks he is saved today after 150 situps. Sadhna brings balm for him and applies on his swollen legs. LD says maa can’t see her children in pain and asks her to talk to him. Shyamali brings oil for massage. LD thanks her. Shyamali says you did wrong. Sadhna does the bandage and is about to go. LD holds her hand and asks her to listen to him. Radha comes and says he shall get the punishment for troubling you. Sadhna tells Radha to tell LD not to walk much. Shyamali asks LD to tell Radha if he needs anything. LD smiles. Radha says she won’t do any work. LD says I always supported you and now you are saying this. They start arguing. Radha tells that your brain is jerk today.

Dadi Bua asks Dada ji why did you change your decision. Dada ji says for LD. He says if I tells anything to Govind and Banwari then they accept it blindly. He says he can’t hope this from his grand sons. He had to do this to gain LD’s trust. Radha and LD are seen running in the garden. LD falls on her and gets hurt. Mere Sawalon Ka plays……………She kicks him and says Mr. Chipko, wants to become a hero. She laughs. LD sees her laughing and smiles. Dada ji thinks he have to end this story right here. He have to separate LD with Radha. LD says when you smiles then it seems like everything is perfect in the world. There is no problem in life. Radha looks amazed. Dada ji tells Dadi Bua that tomorrow is important day.

Dadi Bua asks Sadhna to prepare Radha for cooking food. She says Dada ji invited some guests and Radha have to prepare food for them all alone. Sadhna is shocked. Dadi Bua says we are going to hear the parvachan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cute Scene Radha n LD loved it Love ya both xxx 🙂 <3

  2. Dono taraf benaam si uljan
    jaise mile dulha dulhan.
    Dono ki aisi halat kyu h??
    Aakir itni mohabhatt ku h??
    Humare sawalon jawab do ……..
    Jawab do LD aur radha……

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