Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD telling Radha not to argue else bus will be gone. Abhimanyu Rai and his son Vishal come to Dada ji’s house and introduce himself. Abhimanyu Rai says my children wouldn’t have been fine if your kids didn’t help them. Vishal says we want to thank LD and Radha as they saved us. Dada ji says so you are the one. Vishal says the goons were beating us, so they fight with them. Vishal asks about their injuries. Dada ji asks Abhimanyu Rai, don’t you have any objection with Vishal and his girlfriend roaming in the park. Abhimanyu says they are engaged, and if they were not then no one has the right to beat them on the pretext of values. Dada ji says everyone has its own values. Govind says we will inform them. Sadhna greets them and says Radha is their bahu.

They give them gifts for LD and Radha. Jayshree thinks where is LD. LD thinks Radha wanted to leave. Radha thinks it is happening as she wants. It was a mistake which was done while playing game. LD thinks mistake was only his. He thinks it is ended. Radha thinks she is emotionally connected to them. LD gives tissue papers to Radha and asks her to wipe her tears. Radha says she doesn’t need it. LD says he don’t need. He keeps tissue paper aside. Radha picks it and wipes her tears.

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Jayshree comes to LD’s room and calls for him. She sees a letter left by LD. She gets shocked. Radha tells him that she is leaving. She will remember Mathura stay and asks him to complete the legal formalities. She says then we don’t have to see each other face. It was nice meeting you. She hugs him. LD gets surprised as she hugs him. Jayshree reads the letter and is shocked. Radha comes to buy the ticket. LD asks the ticketman to give him 2 tickets. Radha gets shocked. LD says he came with his baggage and buys the ticket. Radha is shocked and goes behind him. Jayshree shows the letter and says LD left everyone for Radha. Dada ji gets shocked and shattered. He stumbles, but Govind holds him. Dada ji says it can’t happen. Radha says if you think then I will fall in love with you then you are wrong. LD says he won’t let her go alone. Radha says your family is so good, and you are leaving them for me. I am not selfish and stupid to allow you to come with me. LD says if you leave alone today then I will be in guilt for all my life. I couldn’t tell anything to my family when they punished you. Radha says what will they think? Sadhna comes and says Chaturvedi son eloped with a girl. She says everyone will get a chance to taunt them. Radha asks her to make LD understand. Sadhna says I don’t know about others, but I want you to come back with us.

Govind asks Dada ji to open the door. Murli Dhar says Dada ji is not coming out of his room since 2 years. They panic. Dadi bua says what did LD do? He left us for stranger girl. Banwari scolds Jayshree for showing the letter to everyone. Jayshree prays for Dada ji’s safety. Govind asks are you fine buaji. Jayshree thinks it is wonder that LD left house in Radha’s love. I am fool to think of her as my enemy. She did what I couldn’t do even after so many years. She says I will rule on this house soon and will change its geography.

Sadhna tells Radha that it is easy to break relations, but difficult to keep the relations intact. Radha says she can’t come with her. Sadhna asks where is that Radha, who was not weak. You got ready to bear the punishment without your mistake. Radha says I can understand. Sadhna says whoever thinks you shall leave is wrong. You have to change their opinion. I promised Suhasini to support you. Will she gives you punishment to come home after getting insulted. She asks her to come with her and fight for her. Radha is silent. LD smiles. Sadhna says we shall remember always that our decision affect our loved ones. I am waiting for you in the car.

Dadi Bua asks Govind to bring LD. Jayshree says what will Govind do. She asks him to ignore his mistake. She says whenever LD does any mistake, Sadhna bhabhi hides it. Dadi Bua asks her to talk consciously. Sadhna comes with LD and Radha. Govind gets shocked seeing Radha and recalls his promise to leave the house if anyone cuts his talk. Jayshree thinks LD and Radha are back to Pavillion. Shyamali goes and hugs Radha. Dadi Bua asks where did you go? I am very angry with you. LD says I…..She asks him to talk to Dada ji first. LD knocks on Dada ji’s door and asks him to open the door. He asks him to punish him. He says he will do situps holding his ears and starts doing it. Everyone see him doing situps. Dada ji hears him counting the no’s. Dadi Bua asks Dada ji to open the door and scold LD. She urges him to open the door. LD counts 105 situps, he continues to do and gets tired. He is about to fall down.

Dadi bua tells that Govind said clearly that Radha won’t stay in this house. Sadhna says I am sorry, but Radha won’t leave this house. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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