Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sadhna asking Radha not to take LD’s words on heart. Radha asks her to sit and says she will be back in some time. Shivani comes to Radha and tells that Inspector got info about the lady. Radha says we have to catch that woman anyhow. They leave. Shivani and Radha get down the car. Shivani gets worried for Radha’s security. Radha enquires with someone about Kesari’s house address. Kesari aka old servant looks on. Sudhakar praises Suhasini’s beauty. Suhasini says lets go. She says if anyone asks us why Radha is not with us, then what we will answer. Sudhakar says we have to lie. We will tell the people that Radha went to Mathura for fulfilling her mannat before her first film release. Shivani tries to enquire about the address 11/4. Kesari removes her old

woman make up.

Radha and Shivani come to the house. Inspector is already standing there. Constable says door is locked from inside, shall I break the door. Kesari in a modern avatar, is seen talking to a guy asking him to wait and she is coming. Kesari leaves from the back door. Her servant comes out and talks to Inspector. Radha gets worried as Kesari escaped. Kesari messages Radha that it is impossible to catch her. Murli comes and hugs her. Kesari says I missed you so much. Murli smiles and says I missed you too. The evil woman happens to be Murli’s lost love. He hugs her again.

Sudhakar comes to the party. Producer Kapadia asks him about Radha. Suhasini says Radha is busy. Kabir comes to the party. Everyone look at him. Kapadia tells him to increase the dates. Kabir gets angry and throws the juice on his face. Sudhakar and Suhasini get tensed seeing his anger. Kabir says I won’t let your film complete now. He says he can’t tolerate lie and asks him to get lost. He gives cheque to the film unit man for his mother’s treatment. He asks everyone to enjoy the party and chill. He comes to Sudhakar and Suhasini and says he needs to talk to them. Radha tells that she is near us. Kesari is seen walking away with Murli. Radha couldn’t see her. Shivani says we will be tanned and asks her to come. Some goons notice her as heroine Radha. Radha asks them not to touch. They take off her dupatta and throws in air. LD comes and catches the dupatta. Shivani shouts for help. Radha also shouts for help. The goon tries to take a photo with her. LD comes and holds his neck angrily. Radha gets surprised.

Kabir asks when will Radha come back? She should be here now? Sudhakar tells that Radha is Krishna ji’s devotee. Suhasini talks about her mannat. Kabir says 1 min. He tells a girl and a boy meet in a college, had fights. Then the boy played a prank on her and they get married. Suhasini and Sudhakar get shocked. Kabir says the play marriage becomes real. Suhasini says yes. Kabir tells it is a mind blowing concept for my next movie. I needs this reaction from my audience and Radha will be my heroine. Suhasini says wonderful and asks from where did your concept came in your mind. Kabir says it happened in real life. I am searching for its video and it will be fun working on it.

LD beats the goons. The goons ask who are you? LD takes out his gun and shoots in the air. The goons run away. Shivani goes to bring the water. Radha is teary eyed. LD comes to Radha and makes her wear the dupatta. They have an eye lock.

LD asks why you are doing drama on the road to come in the news. Radha says you are thinking me wrong. Just then she gets Inspector’s call informing her that the woman(Kesari) is in the Police station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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