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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manoj telling Jayshree that they will go in the morning to see their land. Jayshree gets happy and says they are ready. Sadhna asks them to go and says she will stay back. Jayshree agrees. LD asks Dadaji, is he fine. Dada ji nods. Just then he gets Sadhna’s call. Radha asks him not to tell anything to her. LD picks the call and tells that they will leave from here now. Sadhna asks them to come directly to see the land, which belongs to Abhishek and his family.

Radha thinks about Dada ji’s words and thinks to check with Shivani. Radha calls Shivani and says she wants to talk something important and asks her to tell the truth only. Shivani promises. Radha asks about the girl’s photo in LD’s flat. Shivani tells that she doesn’t know her name. Radha

asks her to tell the truth for her. Shivani apologizes and says I lied to you before. She says it was you, whose photos are there in his flat. Radha is happy and emotional. Shivani says I told lie because of your career ….Tum Mere Aasman bangaye plays………..She sees LD sitting with Dada ji and gets happy. She comes out of the house and cries seeing LD’s pic while the song plays…………LD comes out and sees her crying. He asks what happened? Radha hugs him tightly and cries. LD holds her and reciprocates her hug. He asks her to calm down and says I won’t let anything happen to you. She says she got scared and cried. LD says if everything is fine today, that is just because of you. He thanks her and asks her to come inside the house. He holds her hand and takes her inside the house. A flashback of their marriage is shown.

Abhishek comes to Neha and asks why did you call me so urgently. He asks what had happened? Neha tells him that Radha tried to kill her? Abhi is shocked and says Radha have to pay price for hurting you. I will take revenge from her and family. Neha says we don’t have money, and asks him to get close to Jhanvi. She tells that Manoj might be working on her plan.

Radha tells Dada ji that she is leaving. Dada ji asks her not to worry and reminds her of the promise. Radha says she won’t tell anyone. Dada ji tells her that he will make her bahu of this house, with full rights and says it is my promise to you. LD asks the guards to keep an eye on the house for 24 hours. Abhishek calls LD and tells him to reach Yamuna flyover. He says it will take 5 hours. Neha says a surprise is waiting for them at every turn.

Neha tells I return empty handed from Mathura yesterday, now she and her ex lover have to pay for that. She asks Abhishek to make Jhanvi fall in his trap fully, and asks him to get intimate with her. LD waits for Radha. Radha comes wearing a beautiful dress. LD gets mesmerised with her beauty and asks him to come. LD says I am ready, but you came late. Radha argues sweetly. She thinks LD can’t hide the love.

LD and Radha are in the car. LD says they will ask the way if needed. Radha says you will not because of ego. She says I will sleep, and wake me up when we reach the place. LD tells her good night. A goon calls Neha and tells that they have left from here. Neha says her plan is starting now. Banwari calls Jayshree. Rekha brings something to eat on the way. Shyamali tells Jayshree that she is not coming as Murli is unwell. Rekha tells that she has to stay at home, to be at Abhishek and Jhanvi. Rekha thinks she has to think something, to make everyone leave the house, as told by Neha.

LD and Radha are in the car still and see someone lying on the road. LD gets down and sees a dummy instead. The goons get in the car and put knife on Radha’s neck.

Radha is seen in kidnappers’ den. LD asks someone about seeing Radha. The goons fight with LD.

Update Credit to: Amena

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