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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji telling Radha that he called her to tell about the limits of the house. Radha says I know. Govind says there is no place for some things. Dada ji says drinking wine is a sin. Radha says she didn’t drink it intentionally. She mistakenly drink it as she was thirstly. Govind asks from where did you get it? Radha thinks of Banwari’s words. Banwari gets tensed. Jayshree asks why you are nervous. Banwari says nothing. Radha stays silent. Dada ji asks why did you do thd drama and reached the Police station. Govind says no one can speak to Dada ji like that, but because of you yesterday……LD is tensed. Sadhna tells LD that Radha isn’t at fault. Shyamali too supports her. Murli asks if she didn’t do any mistake. He says you did a mistake yesterday because

of her. He tells Sadhna that nothing is right in Radha. LD asks what are you saying? Why you thinks her wrong? Murli says everyone is getting blind with you. Jayshree smiles. Shyamali wipes her tears and goes to room. Jayshree gets happy.

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Radha apologizes to them and says she is not repenting for beating the goons. She did that to save the girl from getting beaten. Dada ji says I hope this from you. You provoke our family members to celebrate valentine’s day. Radha asks what is wrong if two people want to celebrate valentine day. Dada ji tells about his idea. Govind asks her not to argue. Dadi Bua says she will not understand. Govind says we have decided. He says she have to leave this house. Everyone gets tensed. Sadhna and LD come there and get shocked too. Sadhna asks how can you take the decision alone. Govind says if anyone tries to change her decision then he will leave the house. He tells that Murli Dhar will drop her till the station.

Sudhakar asks Suhasini to drink tea. He tells that everything is fine. Suhasini asks him to tell about his problem and says I know that you are hiding. Sudhakar says your husband is a big stupid. He tells that he had to mortgaged the house. Suhasini asks how did it happen. Sudhakar says Pratap and Rakesh came from Amravati and tells everything. They tell about the doctor for Rupa’s operation. Sudhakar says are you sure. Pratap says he is special doctor and doesn’t need publicity. Sudhakar says he doesn’t have money. They ask him to mortgage the house and get the money. He tells Suhasini that he mortgaged the house. He got betrayed by his brothers. Suhasini asks what is the amount? Sudhakar says 25 lakhs and cries. Suhasini gets tensed.

Radha asks Sadhna not to worry and says you are very nice to me. You got scolded because of me. It is best that I am leaving. Sadhna cries. Jhanvi and Shyamali get teary eyed. She speaks to Shyamali. Jayshree hugs Radha and says she will miss her very much. Radha thanks her. Jhanvi asks Radha not to go. Radha thanks her for being her friend and says she will miss her very much. Dadi Bua comes out of her room. She asks Chameli to take her to the garden. Chameli waves her bye. Shambu too folds his hands and waves bye. Radha thinks where is sticky LD. Jhanvi says he is not in the room. Radha thinks it will not affect her if he doesn’t wish her bye. She waves bye to Banwari. Murli comes and says lets go. He takes Radha stuff outside. Radha folds her hands and prays to God. She hugs Sadhna again and asks her not to come out else she won’t be able to go. She tells bye to all and is leaving. She looks at everyone and recalls her home coming. She steps out of the house. LD comes to the Murli and says if you don’t mind, shall I drop Radha? Murli says ok. LD sits in the car. Radha thinks what is happening to me. Why I am getting restless. Dada ji looks at her from the terrace. She wipes her tears and sits in the car. She looks at LD at the driver seat.

Jayshree tells everyone that Radha took LD with her. LD tells Radha that he has decided to be with her under any circumstances. Radha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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