Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha asking LD, are you drunk? LD says what do you mean? Did I drink with your money. He falls down unconscious being drunk. Radha recalls their sweet moments and makes him sleep properly on the bed. He covers him with a blanket and recalls the past happening while an old song plays………..She kisses on his cheek and wipes his tears. LD holds her hand. Radha tries to take her hand back and sleep there itself. In the morning she wakes up hearing alarm ring and thinks LD is bearing everything alone. Dadi Bua lights the diya and asks Chameli to start the recorder. Sadhna comes with Radha and says she will do the aarti. She does the aarti and sings the bhajan. Dada ji is shown on the bed and hearing the bhajan. Everyone wake up hearing the bhajan. Sadhna coughs,

so Radha takes the aarti and do the puja. She sings the bhajan.

Dada ji realizes Radha’s presence. LD and Jayshree wake up. Jayshree thinks Radha did planning to enter home. She wakes up Banwari and tells Radha is singing bhajan. Banwari asks her to let him sleep. LD sees Radha bangle on the bed and wonders whether she was in my room, on my bed. What might have happened exactly? Sadhna thinks Radha will fulfill the work now. She prays for return the happiness of the house. Shivani tells that audience will go mad seeing her values. Sadhna tells that she is sarvagun sarpann. Shivani says this headline will make news.

Dadi Bua gives aarti to Dada ji. Dada ji signs her something. She says I am not understanding and asks him to say. Dada ji takes Radha’s name with much difficulty. Dadi Bua gets tensed. Radha comes to her room and sees Kesari checking her cupboard. She asks what you are doing? Kesari acts as old man and says she came to search for the medicine. Sadhna asks since when you are working here. Kesari says since 1 month. Radha says you didn’t know till now and asks why you are wearing veil. Kesari says she keeps veil because of the men of the house. Radha asks her to show the face. Kesari gets tensed. Just then she hears Shivani’s voice, so goes outside. Shivani tells that Jayshree threw chilli powder in her eyes. Jayshree says nothing will happen. Chameli gives aarti to Kesari. Kesari asks Chameli to do all the work as she is having leg pain today. Chameli says she will do the work and asks her to visit to doctor. Radha looks on.

Radha comes to her room and sees LD changing shirt. She comes inside and is about to slip. She asks LD why did you keep the shoes here. LD says those people who looks up, gets down. Radha says mistake is of shoes. LD slips. Radha laughs. She hides his cigarette. LD wears his shoes. Radha asks him to have nimbu pani for his hang over. LD says I know you are a big superstar and have so much work. Radha gets concerned for him. LD says you are acting as if you cares for me. LD asks her to stay away from him. LD takes out his revolver and keeps it in jeans pocket. He searches for his cigarette. Chameli comes and gives him water. Radha drinks the leftover water. She thanks Chameli and says she won’t have breakfast today. She thinks she have to get LD on the right path. LD asks Sadhna about her health. He says he will return for the puja. Sadhna says Banwari refused to let the pooja happen. LD says pooja will happen and Dada ji will take part in it. Radha offers help. LD says it is for family members and no outsider is involved. He asks her to be in the room when Dada ji comes down. Sadhna tells that Radha is bahu of this house. LD asks her to accept it. Radha feels sad.

Radha enquires about Kesari’s house address from a neighbor. Kesari messages Radha that it is impossible to catch her. Someone comes and puts his hand on her shoulder. Kesari turns.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode just hope to see ld and radha together again soon 🙂

  2. Yes, waiting to see ld and radha together, as other wise it is same old sad story in every serial.

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