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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the goons attacking Radha. Bua ji watches her before getting unconscious. Radha attacks the other goon with some utensil. Neha holds Radha and the goon tries to stab Radha, but someone throws heavy pot on the goon. The goon and Neha ran from the house, thinking someone is inside the house. Radha turns and see Dada ji trying to stand up on his feet after throwing the heavy pot on the goon. She smiles happily seeing him stand on his feet.

Radha tells Dada ji that she can’t believe that he is fine. She says she will inform Sadhna ji. Dada ji stops her and asks not to tell anyone. She asks why? LD thinks to call Radha and inform her that they shall go back. Dada ji tells her that he was on bed since 1 year and thought when we gets well, he will talk to her first.

He says I asked Kanha ji to give me time to apologize to you. Radha asks him not to say that and says I know you have not accepted me. May be I was not suitable for you. Dada ji says no, he says he was blinded by his ego and couldn’t understand that she is very much suitable for LD and family. He says you took my blame on yourself, I am LD, Sadhna and more importantly guilty of yours. He cries and folds his hand, asking her to become his bahu before he dies.

Radha cries happily, approving his request. She says I got everything, but now this is not my right. Dada ji is shocked. Radha tells LD and I are separated now and will always be separated. Radha tells that LD loves someone else. He is good and needs true love. Dada ji says you are his true love. He says I was helpless from body, but not from mind. I felt that he loves you. Radha is surprised and looks on. LD reaches home and thinks Dada ji and Dadi Bua might have slept by now. Dada ji tells that LD loves you even now, but is angry with you.

Jhanvi proposes Abhi with flowers and says she loves him very much. Abhishek tells her about meeting her before on staircase. Abhi tries to get closer to her. Jhanvi thinks about Radha’s words and says we should control our feelings. Abhi wonders what has happened to him.

Abhi tells you are right, two people have to be comfortable for this. He says until you are not ready for it, I will wait and trust me that day will be special for both of us. He asks her to go inside the house, as Jayshree is here and may misunderstand them. Jhanvi smiles and kiss him bouquet of roses. Jhanvi goes inside. Abhi thinks he will trap her in his trap.

Dada ji tells Radha that he entered the house’s temple after one year and promises to rectify his mistake. He tells that I told you chacha’s that I accepted you and asked them to stop with the plan. He says but they went ahead with the plan and broken my home. He says I have full faith that there is some one else with them in this conspiracy. He suspects there is someone from this house only, who knew everything about us. He asks her to promise, to help him but not let anyone know that he is fine now. Radha agrees and says she won’t tell anyone. She promises and takes his blessings. LD is standing outside the house and waiting for Radha. Chameli comes for outside and tells LD that she went to take Dada ji’s medicine. LD asks about Radha. Chameli says she didn’t see her coming. LD says lets go inside and see.

Dadi Bua gains consciousness. Radha asks are you fine? Dadi Bua says she is fine, but head ache. She asks Radha? Radha says she is fine and the goons flew away from there. Dada ji feels helpless. LD and Chameli come inside and see the things fallen on the ground. LD asks Radha, what happened? Radha tells about the goons barging in the house and trying to steal the things. Dadi Bua tells him that Radha rescued her. LD asks Radha is she fine and gets concerned for her. Dada ji thinks why you are hiding your feelings and promises to unite them. LD calls his agency and asks to send 4 security guards. Radha thinks if Dada ji said was right.

Radha asks Shivani ji about the girl in LD’s life and her pics in the flat. Shivani tells it is you. Radha gets emotional and hugs LD happily. LD is surprised at her behavior.

Update Credit to: Amena

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