Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD telling Radha that he doesn’t want her to come infront of Dada ji at any time. Radha says LD. LD says he don’t want any discussion or debate on this and asks her to be away from Dada ji. He asks her to leave. Radha is shocked. Jayshree collides with Kesari and scolds her. Radha gets a picture message from Kesari with a message. Radha wonders who might be this woman. Kesari stares her. Jayshree asks her not to be angry. Kesari laughs and says it is okay. Shambu asks Radha, shall I make tea for you. Radha refuses. She gets another message and thinks she is near her. She comes to the kitchen and says no one is here. She comes back to her room and thinks she has to find out the woman. She gets a message that she is near her. Radha looks around herself. Sadhna

tries to get water. Jayshree comes and gives her glass of water. Sadhna drinks it. Jayshree says she can’t see her condition. She says she wants to take care of her, but Banwari doesn’t want her to mingle with them. Sadhna asks her not to feel bad and says everything will be good in some days. Jayshree turns and thinks Radha’s entry will bring big thunder. She have to do something.

Sudhakar tells Suhasini, how can Radha go and stay there. Suhasini says Radha loves LD even now. Sudhakar says I can’t let my daughter suffer, I won’t let her do this mistake again and I am going to Mathura now. Suhasini says you can’t go now as we have to meet Kabir tomorrow. Sudhakar feels helpless and says he can’t see this. He asks her to convince Radha to come back. Suhasini nods.

Radha sees LD sitting in the lawn and thinks that woman is in this house only. She thinks whether to tell LD about her. She tells LD that she wants to talk to him and then thinks LD might not believe her. She thinks to handle herself. She messages Kesari to come infront of her. LD checks the message on his mobile. Radha sits near the pool. LD asks her to be careful. Radha recalls LD warning her about the lizard. Mere Sawalon Ka plays while she stares him smilingly. She says she remembered everything. LD says may be I recalls all the good things, but I can’t forget the bad memories. Radha asks him to drink tea. LD leaves. She drinks his leftover tea and smiles.

Radha brings Sadhna to hall. Banwari calculates the expenses of March month. LD asks did you eat medicine. Sadhna says Radha gave her and asks him not to worry. LD says it might be her new trick and asks her to talk to Dadi bua about Dada ji’s death anniversary. Murli comes. Jayshree says shall I serve food. Murli says he will eat later and gives her money. Jayshree acts and says she will not accept the money. Banwari asks her to keep the money. Murli asks her to keep the money safely from the guest’s eyes and goes inside. Sadhna talks to Banwari about Dadi ji’s death anniversary. Banwari says he will do something. Shivani talks to the Police. He says he got that girl’s address and tells about her info. Shivani asks him to find out more about her. She says she can’t take her threats lightly and asks him to follow the girl. The Inspector asks her to have patience. Shivani tells Radha that the girl(kesari) will be behind bars. Radha says she wants to know what do she wants. Kesari hears them and thinks she will meet her to shock her. She says she will be shocked knowing about her.

Radha comes to kitchen and asks Shyamali shall I help you. Shyamali says she will serve the food. Radha says shall I serve you. Shyamali says she had food already and tells her that they don’t sit together and have food now. Radha asks her about her relation with Murli. Shyamali says some relation is incomplete. You got true love, but you left it. I am still yearning for true love. Radha gets teary eyed. She comes to Dadi Bua and asks shall I join you. Dadi Bua says I am done and asks Jhanvi to take her to room. Radha recalls all the family members eating together after praying. She comes back to her room and reminisces LD bringing food for her. Mere Rang Me plays……….She looks at his tshirt and hugs it. LD comes to the room and is drunk. Radha turns and see him. LD falls on her. Radha smells alcohol from his mouth and asks are you drunk. LD asks did you drink with your money and asks her to leave. Radha gets tensed.

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