Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha bringing Sadhna home and announces that she will stay in the house with Sadhna to care and support her in every way, so that no one does partially with her in any way. LD says I am here to take care of my mum and I can’t pay you for this. Radha asks him not to worry and demands 1 part of the partition. Everyone get shocked. Radha says she is just asking for her rights. Jayshree says she told her heart talk and asks Sadhna to say. Sadhna says she is right. Govind asks have you gone mad? Did you forget what had happened because of her. Dadi bua says why shall end this matter right here. LD says I will end it right now. He says with which right you are asking for your rights. Radha says I brought answer for your question with me. Shivani comes with lawyer.

The servant tries to hear them.

Radha says my lawyer will give you answer. Shivani says Radha is choti bahu of this house and can show right on any of the things here. LD says you might not know that our divorce proceedings are going on. Shivani says it is going on, not yet over. LD says he will give her divorce right now. Shivani says you are like super fast train and asks lawyer to say. The lawyer says Radha already filed for divorce papers, but now they have to spend six months together before divorce happens. Govind says he doesn’t agree and says he will talk to Gupta lawyer. Radha says she will take Sadhna to room. Govind tells even Gupta is asking us to obey court orders. Radha says if you don’t mind, can I take Sadhna aunty to her room. Jayshree gets shocked. Banwari says it is their family matter. We don’t have anything to do with this.

Radha takes Sadhna inside the room. The servant/Kesari or may be some other name, drops some pot on the land and she uncovers her veil. She says Radha did a big mistake and she have to learn a lesson now. Radha brings Sadhna to her room and asks to rest. Sadhna asks about her plan. Radha asks her to rest for now. Jayshree hears them and thinks what will happen now. Radha thanks Shivani for understanding and suggesting her. Shivani praises herself. Radha says whenever I will be in problem, I will call you. Shivani says I will not leave you and go. She gets worried thinking about Kabir and Radha’s parents reaction. She tells that they will come till the evening. Jayshree seems to be tensed.

LD thinks what does Radha want from me? He thinks he will not let himself fall weak or hurt anyone. He comes to his room and sees Radha. Radha tells that she is his wife and your room is mine. He throws the clothes on ground and asks her to get out of his room. Radha gets hurt and picks her stuff. She puts the clothes on the bed and says she has full right on half of the room. LD says you can’t stay here. Radha says you might not need divorce from me. What we will say in court? What is the problem to share room with me? You hates me right? Then why you are bothered? LD stops her and says I know you are planning a new game. He tells that he will not be trapped by her. Radha looks at him. He gets angry and leaves.

Radha looks at his photo and recalls Sadhna telling that her son is broken. He wants to take them somewhere. Radha promises to bring back old LD. She thinks to find out the person who wants to break the house and keep her away from LD. She looks at LD’s photo and recalls their lovely moments. She says this is her destiny. She wonders about the lady and says my LD is my trust which can’t be broken.

Shambu comes and informs Radha that Govind is calling him. She says okay. Govind tells Radha not to feel habituated to this house and says you have to go back. He asks her to leave the thought of becoming family member. Radha requests him not to call her ji. Govind says he doesn’t care about her. LD comes and says I already cleared her everything. He asks her not to come infront of Dada ji and asks her to stay far from him.

Radha gets photo clip of her and Govind, with a message that her (Kesari) eyes are on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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