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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha telling the Inspector that they didn’t do anything wrong and asks him to free them. LD also says the same. Radha says free us else. The Inspector asks her to stop giving him warning and says your type of girls come here frequently. Radha takes out her slipper and throws on him. It falls on Dada ji instead. Radha says sorry. Dada ji looks angrily. LD says he caught us unneccessarily. Govind asks the Inspector to free them and asks about the formalities. The Inspector says he can’t forget Dada ji’s slap and his lecture. He tells about the formalities. Govind pays the money. The Inspector says they were romancing in the park and when the elders objected, they started fight. Radha asks him to tell the truth. The Inspector insults Dada ji. Radha insults

him and says she knows how to handle with these kinds of men. Dada ji is shocked and angry. LD stops her.

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Radha apologizes to Dada ji and Govind. LD says we didn’t do anything. Dada ji tells LD that he knows seeing Radha’s inebriated state and asks him to take her in the car before anyone sees them. Jayshree waits for Dada ji. LD brings Radha in an inebriated condition. Sadhna holds her. Everyone get shocked seeing her drunk. LD says whatever you are seeing is not right. Radha didn’t drink intentionally. Govind says we are not blind like you. Dada ji says wrong is wrong. Jayshree says Dada ji is right. Banwari gets tensed. Govind asks Sadhna to take her inside. Sadhna says we can’t think of them guilty seeing only one side of the coin. Radha says 1 min and asks why no one listens to LD. LD says not now. Radha says you can’t say. She tells them about fighting with the goons. Sadhna asks Radha to keep quiet. LD asks Dada ji to listen to him. Dada ji says he will talk to her alone after she gets in her senses.

LD takes her to the room and asks her to sleep. He takes out his sandals and covers her with blanket. He thinks this had happened because of his carelessness and apologizes to her. He says Happy Valentine’s day. Radha holds his hand and says I want water. LD smiles and makes her drink water. Radha talks in sleep. Sadhna comes and asks LD what has happened. How can it happen? Radha says she won’t leave that police man. Sadhna calls LD to his room. He leaves.

Banwari is tensed. Jayshree wonders why he is not sleeping yet and asks what happened. Banwari recalls asking LD to bring wine for him. Jayshree tells that may be Radha drinks. Banwari lie down on the bed and gets worried thinking about Dada ji’s reaction if Radha tells him everything. LD gets worried too. He thinks to make black coffee for Radha. Shyamali comes and says she will make coffeee. She says she have the medicine for the hangover. LD thanks Shyamali. Jhanvi gives him coffee.

LD comes to the room and sees her missing. He then sees her sleeping on the ground and wake her up. Radha wakes up and asks what happened yesterday. LD gives her banana to eat. She eats. LD tells her everything. Radha gets shocked. LD says Dada ji will talk to you. Radha asks from where did wine come in juice bottle. LD says he used to drink sometimes. Radha says you should be ashamed and asks him to go. Banwari comes and tells Radha that actually he wants to apologize to her. Radha asks why? Banwari says whatever happened was because of me. I told LD to bring wine for me. He says he is feeling bad and asks her to forgive him. Radha thinks if wine was brought by Chacha then why didn’t LD tell me. She wonders about their relation as LD hide the fact and took blame on himself.

Govind tells Radha to leave from their home and it is their decision. Radha hugs Sadhna and sits in the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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