Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD telling Govind and Jayshree that he called Radha here. Govind asks until when you will do same mistake. Jayshree says Mathura people are badmouthing about them. Banwari says he doesn’t care about us and teases him saying he got his own business. LD says he didn’t get anything from the house. He says he called Radha because of his mum and tells that Radha’s chapter is closed in his life. Radha thinks this chapter can’t be closed here and wonders about the woman who was trying to instigate her against LD and family. She turns and sees Shivani there. Shivani says you are a public figure and asks her to return Mumbai with her. Radha refuses saying she has to complete the past chapter. She says she has to stay back in Mathura for her husband and their family.

Shivani gets shocked.

Radha says Mathura is her sasural and she is married. She says she got married while playing and tells everything. Shivani gets shocked to hear her story and says how could you do this. Why didn’t you tell me before? Did you inform Kabir about it? Radha nods no. Shivani gets shocked and tensed. She pretends as if she gets a heart attack and refuses to go to Mumbai. She says Kabir won’t leave us. Radha asks her to calm down. She says her family matters to her a lot at this moment. Shivani wonders why did the electricity went off suddenly. Radha tries calling reception. Shivani argues with her. Radha says lets go down and see what happened to electricity.

Suhasini asks Raju to make Rupa eat food. Sudhakar comes home and asks her to have food. Suhasini insists to go to Mathura. Sudhakar says Shivani will bring her back. He says she has to come back as so much is on stake. Suhasini says she is scared and feeling Radha isn’t safe there. Radha and Shivani enter the lift. Suddenly it stops. Shivani and Radha ask for help. Shivani gets scared seeing lift getting down. Radha asks her to calm down. She presses a button and is shocked. LD talks on phone about Radha’s security.

Shyamali comes and asks about Radha. LD says he was not thinking about her and their end has ended. He asks her to move in. Shyamali says she loved him once. LD asks her to go and start a new life. Shyamali asks whether it is a solution. LD says think like that. Lift starts going up and down. Radha and Shivani shout for help. Lift stops and they come to the parking lot. Radha gets a call from the lady. She asks her to leave from Mathura and says she can even crash the lift, laughs. Radha wonders who was that lady and asks about the lawyer’s number. Suhasini talks to Kabir and tells that Radha have to come back till morning. Sudhakar says it is a matter about her career and life. Suhasini gets worried.

Dadi Bua does the aarti with teary eyed. LD is seen standing far. She thinks she have to do this act for Dada ji. She says Dada ji will be happy hearing Sadhna singing the bhagan in this recording. She asks servant to give bhog halwa in every room. LD calls the hotel receptionist. He informs that Radha has checked out from the hotel and has cancelled her flight.

Radha and Sadhna are in the car. She says she talked to the doctor and got her discharged with much difficulty. Sadhna is worried. Radha says I will take care of yours and make you fine. She asks her to smile. Govind tells Buaji that no one cleans his room since Sadhna got unwell. Dadi Bua asks Chameli to clean the room. LD talks on phone and comes to know about Sadhna’s discharge from hospital. He asks about the person’s details. Govind asks where is Sadhna? Sadhna comes and asks them not to worry? LD says you would have told me, I would have brought you here. Jayshree says how did you come here? Chaturi/that evil lady spy on them. Sadhna turns and looks at Radha. Radha makes an entry shocking everyone. LD is angry. Radha holds her hand. LD says I knew it that you would do this, but maa needs medical attention. Sadhna says she wanted to come home. Govind says how we will take care of yours. Radha says it is not needed as I will also stay in this house from today. Everyone get shocked.

LD tells that this family knows about your truth and says with which right you came to this house. Radha says I got answer with me, for your question.

Update Credit to: Amena

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