Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD’s jeep stopping on the way. LD worries thinking about Dada ji’s reaction and says he would be fuming with anger. He then thinks how to take Radha home. He gets an idea and says from the back door. He sees her sleeping and says sweet dreams. Govind gets a letter of Sadhna with his favorite sweet dish. He reads her letter and smiles. Sadhna looks at him and smiles. LD thinks to bring the mechanic from nearby garage. He sees Radha missing and gets worried. He calls for her.

Chameli gives kada to Dada ji. Sadhna comes and add tulsi leaves in the kada. Dada ji is restless and asks Dadi Bua to enquire about LD’s return. Sadhna says she will call him and goes in. Some goons are troubling the teenage couples who are celebrating valentine’s day in the

park. Radha throws stone on them. The get irked. Radha continues to throws stone petals on them. The goon says it seems you too celebrate valentine’s day. Radha asks who gave you right to interfere in someone’s life? She says, whether loving someone is bad. The man says yes, it is wrong in your culture.

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Radha asks is this your culture, have beaten a girl so badly. The man raises his hand on Radha, LD comes and stops him. He covers Radha under him. The man says you seem to be like them. LD fights with the goons. Radha too beats them. LD says you are out of control today and asks her to beat the goons. Radha hits them with her legs. (wow what a scene, LD asking her to beat the goons). LD beats the other goons. The goon overpowers Radha and slaps her hard. Radha gets shocked.

Jayshree dresses up as a bride and waits for Banwari. She thinks she will celebrate V day for the first time. She thinks if anyone sees her in bridal dress then it will be a problem.

Radha picks the grass cutter and runs behind the goons. All of them runs seeing the grass cutter in her hand. LD asks her to calm down. Radha hugs him. LD says it is ok and asks her to relax.

Shyamali thinks Murli would be reaching the garden and she shall also go there without anyone noticing her. She sees Dadi Bua coming and hides. Jayshree hides seeing her. The Police come and ask what is going on here. LD says some goons were beating them, points at other couple. The Inspector says you might be romancing and asks about his name. LD says Leela Dhar Chaturvedi. The Inspector says you are Shankar Nath ji’s grand son. He asks the constable to bring them to the police station. Radha asks them to arrest the goons. LD argues. The Inspector says your Dada ji will come and take you. LD gets shocked.

Shyamali lights the lamps and goes to bring more candles. Banwari comes and thinks where is his valentine and calls for Jayshree. He thinks she must be hiding and looks for her. Murli Dhar thinks he doesn’t like all this and thinks to make Shyamali understand it. Shyamali sees Banwari and mistaken him to be Murli Dhar. Murli Dhar comes and calls Shyamali. She says may be there is some thief there. Banwari comes out and see them. They say that they came to have a fresh air. Banwari says he also came there to have fresh air. Jayshree comes there with veil on her face and sings song. She asks him to make her wear garland. Murli Dhar and Shyamali look at their romance. Jayshree puts the garland on Banwari’s neck. Dada ji comes and see them. He asks all of them to meet him inside. They get shocked. Radha and LD are together in the Police jeep. Dada ji asks them to answer and questions Banwari. Dadi Bua asks Jayshree to answer. Jayshree tells that Banwari called her. Banwari says she is lying. Jayshree says I sent beauty parlour thing list. Chameli says it was actually written for Murli Dhar from Shyamali. Shyamali says she wrote it for Murli Dhar to speak her heart talk. Dada ji asks what was the need today? Sadhna says actually I had a talk with Radha. Dada ji says how did I forget that Radha stays here. Shyamali says I want to say. Dada ji says we all know why this is happening and know the reason too. Dadi Bua too blames Radha. The phone rings. The servant Shambu picks the call. Jayshree thinks Radha’s story will end today. Shambu informs Dada ji that the phone call is regarding LD and Radha. Dada ji picks the call. The Inspector tells him that he recalled his lecture about bribe. Dada ji asks what do you want to say. The Inspector asks him to come and see LD. Dada ji gets shocked.

Radha asks the Inspector to free them. The Inspector says we will parcel you to Mumbai. Radha throws something and it hits Dada ji instead. Radha says sorry. Dada ji gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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