Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD saying he hit a boy. They get shocked and get down the jeep to see the pram. They see only a pram and apologize to the lady. Suhasini asks Radha to come with her. She comes back and tells LD not to worry. Radha brings water for LD and he drinks it. Radha wonders how to reach the airport. LD says he will bring the mechanic. Shyamali thinks what to wear. She imagines Murli suggesting her a saree. She smiles. Radha goes to see the status of the flight. LD prays to Kanha ji to make his valentine day, a superhit. Jayshree wears a saree and smiles. LD buys the wine and empties its bottle in a juice bottle. Radha cries. Suhasini asks her to take care. Radha cries vigorously. LD sees this and laughs. He says I am totally confused.

LD says takes her blessings

and says I really miss you. Suhasini says I will miss you too. Suhasini hugs Radha and asks her to take care. Suhasini bids bye to Radha and goes inside the airport. LD looks for water in LD’s jeep and sees the bottle of wine in a juice bottle. She drinks it thinking it as a juice. She thinks it tastes strange and then again drinks it as she was thirsty. She keeps empty bottle back. LD thinks Radha is looking sad and thinks to make her happy. He starts driving the car and then stops him after a while to buy a bouquet. A guy comes there and says he brought this bouquet for his girlfriend. LD gives his bouquet to him. He thanks him. LD takes one rose from the bouquet and comes to his jeep. He sees Radha missing. Radha calls him and asks to see up. LD gets shocked seeing Radha on the tree.

He gets shocked and asks her to get down. Radha refuses to get down the tree. LD thinks did she have a drink? He sees her holding the bottle and gets tensed. Sadhna comes to Shyamali and see her dressed beautifully. She compliments her and says Radha gave me make up stuff with all the instructions. I will know how to do the make up seeing the photo. She starts doing her make up. Shyamali says one thing is missing and applies kakal beneath her ear. Radha climbs on LD’s back. LD asks her to get down. She refuses and says we are Vikram and Betaal. She asks him to answer for her questions. LD asks ok. She asks what did you hide in your pocket. LD says nothing. She says it is for me. LD says this is for Ms. Radha. Radha says right answer. They fall on the grass. Radha laughs.

LD thinks how to take her home in this condition. Radha runs, while he follows her. She drinks the wine and couldn’t be able to stad properly. LD asks her to wear shoes. Radha makes him hold her and tries to stand straight. LD tries to take bottle from her hand, but Radha refuses to give. Radha runs and is about to fall, but LD holds her hand. She thanks him. LD leaves her hand and she falls down. Radha gets angry as she slips. She says she will slap him. LD gives his cheeks. Radha slaps him and says one more. She enjoys slapping him. LD closes his eyes.

Radha hugs him. He gets flowed in emotions. Radha kisses him on his cheek. LD gets surprised. Radha says you can’t be my husband, never. LD asks why? Radha says because you are very good. LD smiles to see her laughing. She dances on the song Seene Me Dil Hain…….Dil Me Dhadkan………LD sings too. Shyamali sings in the garden area for Murli. Jayshree dresses up as a bride and sings the same song. LD sings the song and looks at her. He takes her in his arms and makes her sit in his jeep. Dada ji gets worried as LD didn’t come back. Dadi Bua asks him not to worry. LD thinks how to take her home.

Radha argues with some men. A man tries to slap her as she celebrates Valentine’s day. LD stops him and fights with the men.

Update Credit to: Amena

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