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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD promising Dada ji that he won’t leave him in any circumstances. Dada ji gets emotional and hugs him. Suhasini tells Radha that she will go home alone as Sudhakar will feel bad if she comes with her leaving the challenge. Sadhna says Suhasini ji is right. We wouldn’t have stopped you if things were serious. Suhasini says let me go first. I will inform you if anything serious. Radha hugs Suhasini. Chameli comes asking Sadhna what to make for Dada ji. Sadhna asks her to cook something light for him. She goes. Banwari is massaging Dada ji’s legs. Dadi Bua asks LD to call the doctor. Dada ji says he is fine now. Suhasini comes to Shyamali and asks what are you doing. Shyamali says she have to make amla achaar for Dada ji. Suhasini asks her to give recipe

to her and says she will make it for Sudhakar on the valentine day. Radha says today is valentine’s day. Suhasini says she wants to spend time with her husband alone on this valentine day. Shyamali gets shy.

Radha asks Shyamali what you will gift Murli Dhar. Shyamali gets thinking. Sadhna tells Radha that they don’t celebrate Valentine Day as Dada ji hates western culture. Radha says something needs to be done without informing anyone. It is a moment of happiness and it is not against Indian culture. She says it is a misconception that Valentine day is just lover’s day. It is a day for the one whom we love the most. For ex, she loves her mama, papa and sister so they are her valentine. Sadhna thinks she can use this day to bring Murli and Shyamali closer. Suhasini asks what are you thinking and teases her taking Govind’s name. Suhasini tells Sadhna and Shyamali to gift something their respective husband. LD thinks how can he forget about Valentine’s day. Sadhna tells that she will make kheer for her husband. LD asks her to add some more sugar so that Govind talks more sweetly.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Radha gets excited as Sadhna holds LD’s ears scolding him. Suhasini says she will miss everything in Mumbai. She hugs Shyamali and blesses her. She says it is time to go now. Shall I take Radha with me to the airport. She says yes and asks LD to drop Suhasini. LD thinks to make Radha’s day special which she can’t forget ever. Dada ji tells Dadi Bua that it would be good if Radha and Suhasini have gone together. Dadi Bua asks him not to worry as Radha won’t be staying in their home for long. Shyamali asks Radha to help her. Radha suggests her to gift shirt to Murli. Shyamali says he doesn’t wear ready made shirt. Radha suggests chocolates then. Shyamali says he doesn’t like it. Radha says how boring he is. Shyamali says it is very difficult to confess feelings to him. Radha tells her to say I love you. Shyamali nods no. She says she couldn’t say, but loves him very much. Radha says it is very important to express love. She asks her to write a letter for Murli and he will be very happy. She goes to drop Suhasini to the airport.

Banwari asks LD to get a drink for him. LD gets shocked and says he understands well. He gives her empty juice bottle and asks to bring it in the juice bottle. LD says you are smart. Shyamali gives letter to Chameli and asks her to give it to Murli. Jayshree asks Chameli to give list to Banwari. Chameli comes to the shop and gives the letter to Murli saying Shyamali gave it. Murli reads the letter written by Shyamali and gets shocked. He wonders what has happened to her. I have to make her understand that I doesn’t like all this.

LD, Radha and Suhasini are in the car. Suhasini asks them to enjoy the cool weather. LD and Suhasini enjoy the ride. She tells LD that her daughter is boring. LD asks her to go there carefully. Chameli looks for Banwari and gives his letter to Murli saying it is for Banwari. He says ok and keeps the letters. Murli Dhar gives the letter to Banwari. Banwari reads the letter written by Shyamali and thinks it is romantically written. He replies to her via a letter. Jayshree reads the letter and is shocked as Banwari asked her to come alone. She wonders what happened to him. He is romantic today. Chameli tells Shyamali that Murli will meet her in the evening. Shyamali gets happu. A man comes and greets Jayshree. He says we are organizing a valentine day party and giving discount to the couple. Dada ji hears him and says he doesn’t like celebrating it. He asks him to leave. Shyamali and Jayshree look on sadly. Jayshree thinks Banwari did a good thing for the first time, but this old man is enemy of our happiness. Shyamali thinks how to celebrate Valentine’s day, what will happen if Dada ji sees us. Jayshree gets tensed too.

LD looks at Radha through the front mirror of his jeep while she is busy hearing songs on a head phone. Mere Rang Me plays………….while LD stares her. LD tells Radha that his jeep brakes failed. Radha thinks he is joking. LD says he is telling the truth. Suhasini asks LD to do something. Radha asks Suhasini to calm down. LD tries to control the jeep, but dashes it against a tree after hitting a baby’s pram. He gets tensed and says I hit a baby.

Radha, LD and Suhasini get shocked seeing blood on the road after the accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The show is taking lot of twists and turns. I wonder how radha is gonna accept LD’s love
    The cvs re doing a good job. Love the show….

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