Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha falling on LD when Jayshree pushes her outside the door. Radha and LD look at each other. LD asks Jayshree whether they behave this way with the guests in the house. The lawyer asks she is a member or an outsider. Radha says I am not an outsider. She tells I am related to this house and this bangle is given to me by my sasumaa. LD gets angry and asks her not to do all this. He asks her not to act. Radha says she is not acting and says you didn’t tell me all this. LD says why I shall tell you? He asks her not to try to get related again. He asks her to go as Car is waiting. Radha insists to meet Dada ji. LD says he can’t afford to give more than 25 Lakhs. The lawyer says new angle has come. We have to evaluate and give her share also. It will take one week

time. LD says she doesn’t have any relation with me or my family.

A woman is shown. She reads the message that the partition stopped at Chaturvedi nivas because of Radha Pathak. She messages back that Radha should go to Mumbai with the first flight. Radha and LD are in the car. Radha tells LD that someone is following them. The goons call her Radha rani and asks her to open the window. Radha asks LD, who are they? Radha recalls LD beating the goons in the college premises when they tease her. LD stops the car and comes out. The goons say that they want to talk to Radha and asks him to move from their way. LD gets angry and starts fighting with the goons. Radha gets tensed and calls the Police. The goon hits LD on the head. Radha asks him to take out the gun.

The goons hit him more. The Police arrives, so they escapes. Radha asks him to come to the hospital. LD asks her to sit in the car. She gets a message that her enemy is very dangerous and can even flow his blood to take revenge. Inspector asks to file the FIR. LD refuses and says you are going to Mumbai tomorrow and can’t be available for the formalities. He brings her to Villa and says he booked it for her. He tells that car will be waiting for her at 7 pm and tells about her flight to Mumbai. He offers to pay for her extra charges. He also thanks her and says we are not related to each other now. LD coughs. Radha gets concerned. LD says all the best for your future, heroine saheba. Radha is in pain and cries. Main Nai Janaa…….plays……..Radha comes to the room and cries. LD recalls the past. Radha cries. LD also cries in his car. Radha looks at her ring and cries recalling LD’s words.

Radha gets a call from the watchman that a man came from Chaturvedi Nivas. Radha thinks she might be chameli and asks him to send her in. The woman comes and tells Radha that she wants to alert her against Chaturvedi family. She tells about Sadhna and says she used to take care of her. She is the same woman who is sending messages to Radha. She tells LD started hating her very much, Sadhna tried to make him understand but he decided to take revenge. Radha gets shocked and says she met Sadhna. She didn’t tell me anything. The woman asks did LD allowed you to talk to Sadhna. Radha recalls LD coming and asking her come. LD asks Munim ji to give him 25 Rs lakh as he gave the cheque to Radha. The woman says truth is truth. Radha gets thinking. She asks whether there were some goons after you. Radha gets shocked.

The woman says LD wants to take revenge, so that’s why I sent you messages from my phone. Radha asks you sent those messages. The woman asks her to leave. Radha says you are right and thanks her. Kesari says she did this for Sadhna. Radha says she is worried for Sadhna. Kesari says she will be there with Sadhna. Radha says she needs to get well and asks her to take care of Sadhna. She asks her to give bottle gourd juice. Kesari lies that it is her favorite and she gives her juice daily. Radha says she will go. Radha calls Chaturvedi house and says Kesari told me everything. I won’t leave you all. Kesari escapes hearing her talking. Radha thinks who is this woman, who is instigating me against LD. Sadhna aunty doesn’t like bottle gourd juice. She gets worried.

Govind asks LD, until when you will do the mistakes. LD says he called her for maa and says Radha’s chapter has ended in his life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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