mere pyaar (episode 4)


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The story begins…
Swara and sanskar became close friends.
Everyday she started spending her time with sanky.
Swara went to clg but she was thinking about the diary..
So she came to a coffee shop and started reading kushi’s diary
I was sad that arnav willnot come
It was midnight
I felt like someone sleeping near me.
Immediately I opened my eyes .
Arnav was sleeping near me..
I woke him
The lights went off.
I touched but arnav was not there.
I was really afraid.
Suddenly I saw a candle light.
Then the lights came.
I was surprised..
Arnav was down on his knees.
Happy birthday kushi he said.
Tears filled my ears
He gave me a ring and proposed me.
Swara thinks.
Arey propose…
Too much..
She continues reading.
Arnav gave me his hand..
I hugged him and my love story started.
My life was going great.
Music,arnav and love..
What more should I need..
I really fell for him.
One day I got a phone call that my bhai raman and bhabhi ishita died in an accident.
I broke down ..
I lost my parents when I was young.
My bhai was my world
I closed the door and started crying.
Arnav phoned but I did not pick up.
I kept on crying .
Someone broke my door.
I stood and it was arnav at my door.
I went and hugged him.
I told him everything.
He consoled me.. and I slept on his lap.
I woke up and started going to clg ,as it is my final semester.
After clg,I was coming out but suddenly a gang of goons with guns surrounded me.
I acted like fainting..
The goons panicked at that short span of time I escaped and started running.
I saw arnav.
I ran and hugged him.
The goons who were following me called arnav bhaiya.
I started moving back.
But arnav grabbed my hand and he made me sit in his car and tied my hands with a rope.
My life turned upside down in ten minutes,,
I wonder who is arnav?????
Sanskar hugs swara

swara closes the diary.
Swara thinks..
So arnav is not a businessman but who is he.
Sanky:swara what are you thinking.
Swara:nothing pa.
Sanskar goes down his knee
Sanskar:I love you swara.
Will you be my soulmate??
Swara smiled.
Sanskar hugged her
Everyone clapped.
Swara and sanskar leaves to the flat.
On the way it rains..
Gerua song plays..
Swara and sanskar dance romantically on the road
They get wet.
Swara and sanskar reach the flat

And then…………………….
Precap:sanskar and arnav are brothers..
How will swara react??
How is it guys..
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Credit to: ammu

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    Then where is khushi now…
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